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We are excited to introduce our newest Art Store artist, Brett Missick!

Brett Missick is Fracture's newest Art Store Artist!
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Brett is a professional photographer who specializes in concert and landscape photography in the North Central Florida area. He is also a husband, dog-lover, farmer and music aficionado.

We are thrilled to have Brett’s work in our Art Store and will soon share an interview with him to our blog – so be sure to stay tuned!

For now, scroll down to enjoy some of his photos that are now in our Art Store!

Red Bike: Red Bike in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Rush Hour: “Sometimes experimentation leads to serendipity. Amsterdam is home of the cyclist and while the cyclist was not the intended subject in this image, he ended up becoming it front and center. As I was about to capture a shot of a moving trolley coming into frame, at the very same moment this “commuter” came into frame perfectly as well as my flash firing. The result is something that was not planned and was totally perfect from the intended shot. The “commuter” epitomizes Dutch cycling culture showing that even business men ride their bikes to work.”

Atlanta Skyline

Autumn Leaves

Cabernet Grapes

Centennial Park Ferris Wheel: Ferris Wheel in Centennial Park

Ecola State Park

Misty Morning: A Beautiful Misty Morning at Irish Acres

Another Misty Morning: Another Misty Morning at Irish Acres. So beautiful.

Juniper Springs

Buffalo: A buffalo on a misty morning.

Morning Glory: Morning Glory, a beautiful flower.

Pike Market: The famous Pike Market in Seattle

Ray’s Rusty Relics

Red Maples: Red Maple Leaves on a bed of green clovers.

Red Rocks: Beautiful HDR shot of Red Rocks

San Francisco: A textured view of San Francisco

Seattle Skyline

Under the Space NeedleUnder the Space Needle in Seattle Washington

Space Needle: Great nighttime view of the Space Needle in Seattle Washington.

Vineyard: Williamette Valley Vineyard

Amsterdam Canal

Which Art Store piece by Brett Missick is your favorite? Tell us know below!



  1. October 22, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    The Vineyard is outstanding.

  2. patricia s pryor
    October 24, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    I love the Red Rocks photo. I was just there October 1st for the Tom Petty concert. Your photo rocks!!!