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We are excited to announce that we have added three Nicky Barkla pieces to our Art StoreNicky has been with us since we started the Art Store, as one of the first artists to join us for the ride. Thanks for these images, Nicky!
Scroll down and enjoy her latest work based on iconic television and film characters below:

I Am Awake: A psychedelic take on the tortured genius that is Heisenberg. (Walter White in Breaking Bad)

Lord Voldemort: Nicky Barkla captures the evil of Lord Voldemort and makes a vivid, hallucinatory piece. (Harry Potter series)

Sad Clown: A beautiful and haunting rendition of a clown mask used in The Dark Knight (2008).

Be sure to visit Nicky’s Fracture Art Store Page to see more of her work!

What is your favorite Nicky Barkla piece? Let us know on Twitter!