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How Printing Photos Can Make You a Happier Person

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Recently a study showed that eating chocolate could help you lose weight faster. Even more recently it came out that the report was in fact, bogus. We were sad. People are still finding it hard to believe that eating more Hershey’s will NOT help them shed those extra pounds any faster. We want so badly for the things we love most to be good for us too. Wouldn’t it be great if ALL the things we indulge in were wise …

#GetWellBridget – Helping a Friend of Fracture

Earlier this month we learned of some heartbreaking news regarding one of our former interns. Bridget Anderson was in a terrible accident on Thursday, July 30th during a cross-country bike ride. She was riding across the U.S. as part of her volunteer work for Bike & Build, a nonprofit raising awareness and funding for affordable housing. Bridget and her teammate, Patrick Wanninkhof, a New York school teacher, were struck by a driver who was distracted on her phone. Patrick was tragically killed …

The Last Lesson of Josh Greenberg.

This post is written by Fracture CEO Abhi Lokesh. Nine days ago on Sunday evening, I received the tragic and shocking news that Josh Greenberg had passed away. To the world, Josh was one of the co-founders of Grooveshark, an incredibly popular startup born and grown here in Gainesville, FL that endured for nearly a decade as the pillar of the Gainesville startup community despite incredibly adversarial conditions. To me, Josh was a friend. There are many who knew him …

So You Think You Know Your Photography Movies?

We love movies and we love photography. So we figured, why not merge the two together and create a fun quiz on photography movies! We encourage you to put your skills to the test and see if you truly are a photography film buff or if you need to do some post-exam homework to bring up your grade. Photo credits: Charles Haynes, ABC Television, Georges Biard, Andrey Lunin, DrRandomFactor, Stefan Servos, and other Wikimedia Commons public domain images. How’d you do? Let us know on Twitter!

100,000 is a Gigantic Number: Our CEO on Being Grateful

A couple of weeks ago, something amazing happened at Fracture. We received our one hundred thousandth order. 100,000 orders. It’s certainly a landmark in the history of our company, and as such, our CEO Abhi Lokesh decided to write a company-wide email to commemorate the occasion. This being an internal email, it’s clearly directed toward the team, but this sentiment of gratitude is one we feel just as strongly toward our amazing customers who helped us get to this point. …

12 Amazing Quotes to Reflect on This Memorial Day

All too often, holidays like Memorial Day are too quickly seen as simply a day off and an excuse to grill out and enjoy a 3-day weekend. But it’s very important to recognize the immeasurably important sacrifice made by so many men and women to provide us with the incredible freedom we enjoy as Americans. We spent some time this week reflecting and wanted to share with you these quotes we’ve found that inspired us and made us think about …