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Tori Tippin

Tori Tippin

Contributing Writer for Fracture. HGTV and The Office enthusiast. Celebrating 6 years of Starbucks Gold Member status.

7 Affordable & Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again. You’ve probably received a ton of toilet paper pilgrims and turkey fingerprint art from your kids already. We’ve come up with some new and affordable crafts, snacks and activities that you and your kids can do together this Thanksgiving break that they might not have done before! 1. Play turkey tag! Turkey tag is a fun, easy and affordable way to add more of a challenge to the traditional game of tag. Each child gets a …

Canon Makes Us Laugh With Their Latest Campaign

Canon’s humorous and lighthearted video campaign recently went viral and we thought it was so awesome that we just had to share it with you guys! Each video in this series is 30 seconds long and depicts a traumatizing and awkward situation that really makes you rethink some of your life choices. Like printing your important photos and documents versus solely keeping digital copies. We really enjoyed the video, “Daughter,” because it’s so relatable to our modern day lives. Kids …