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10 Amazing Hacks for your Dream Wedding

As many Pinterest fanatics know, the wedding board is the bread and butter of Pinterest. The dresses, do-it-yourself decor, and tasty treats are the staple of our pinning diet. Although we spending hours on hours planning our perfect big day, when the time comes around, a lot of those ideas remain dreams. Here at Fracture, we believe no pin gets left behind. We are here to break it down for you on how to have the ultimate Pinterest wedding. Check out some of our favorite tips below.

1. Timeless Themes

Planning the theme of your big day is the first step towards a perfect Pinterest wedding. Here are three inspiring themes that you can take, twist, and make your very own.


The Vintage theme is a great mix between rustic and chic, and can be approached in many ways. This theme is cool, calm and collected, just like you will be on your wedding day (right?)


The Bohemian, or Boho theme, is all the rage these days. From extravagant celebrity weddings, to simple outdoor weddings in backyards, the Bohemian theme will bring out your inner trendy side.


The Moroccan theme is bold, unique and up and coming. Imagine bright pinks, oranges, and purples surrounding you in your beautiful gown. With this sea of colors around you, your white dress is guaranteed to pop, making you the center of attention (not that you won’t be already!)

2. Incredible Invites

Creating invites can be a lot to handle, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. There are thousands of creative ways to make your perfect Pinterest invite, but here are two of our favorites.


This Bohemian Floral Invite is simple and fresh, yet subtly detailed with calligraphy and floral bouquets. The colorful flowers together with a white background is the perfect contrast.


The Chalkboard Charm Invite is both sweet and personalized, with its ornate detail. In addition, the black and white contrast is classic and traditional.

Pro Tip: When mailing out your invitations, ask the post office to “hand cancel” your invitations to ensure your hard work is preserved. (For those of you who don’t know, the post office automatically puts your invitations through a machine. Hand canceling will allow this to be done by hand.)

3. Dreamy Decor

Pinterest is known for its delectable DIY decor. Decor can make or break any event, so make sure not to overlook this key step in making your wedding unforgettable. Here’s some wedding decor inspo!


Even our not so crafty readers will be able to make these adorable pom poms. These pops of color are the ultimate decor for any season and displaying them takes little to no time at all. Hang them high, and try to mix and match the colors for the full on pom pom effect you’re looking for.


Backdrops of all shapes and sizes make for the perfect photo opportunity for you and your guests. Go wild with a floral backdrop, get crafty with origami & paper creations, or keep it simple with ribbons, streamers and fabrics.

4. Sweet Seating

Impress your guests before they even sit down at their table! These jaw dropping seating arrangements are easy to make and won’t break the bank.


This DIY Bohemian seating chart only requires an empty frame, pedestal, string, clips and your seating arrangement cards. Customize the seating chart to make it your very own, by using whichever frame and accessories suit your style. Decorate the frame with flowers or ribbons to achieve that Bohemian flair.


This seating chart is both elegant and unique. To start, all you need is a bookcase. Add vases and decorations as you please around your table arrangements. Then all you’ll need is a metallic gold pen and your best calligraphy handwriting to write your special day set up.

5. Crafty Ceremony

It may be easy to forget about the small things while wedding planning, so it’s important not to forget about the small details. All of these features, such as programs and table settings, contribute to the ceremony as a whole! Here at Fracture, we love all things do-it-yourself, so naturally we found some crafty ways to spice up the ceremony.


Wedding programs can be expensive and require a lot of work to make, where as this framed blackboard program gets straight to the point and still looks fabulous.


These cork boat table settings are the ultimate DIY decor for a nautical themed wedding.  The only supplies you’ll need are corks, string, post-it notes, toothpicks and Lifesaver mints. Can it get any more crafty than that?

6. Light It Up

On your big day, your primary focus should be your soon to be partner’s face lighting up as you walk down the aisle. The only thing that might glow as much as you is the lighting surrounding the ceremony.  For some, the venue you chose will already provide lighting fixtures. For those wanting to upgrade DIY style, have no fear, here are two easy lighting fixtures!


At first look, you might not recognize what this crafty chandelier is composed of. For the ultimate lighting party hack, tackle this DIY project by hanging Christmas lights over an old Umbrella frame! 


An outdoor wedding is particularly glamorous, but as the sun sinks down, decorative lighting is a must.  For light that will last you into the night, create these decorative tables and place lanterns underneath.

7. Funky Food

Time to thrill all the foodies at your wedding! Be unique with your food choices and try out a selection of mini bites instead of family-sized meals.


Hiring a caterer for your wedding can cause the ultimate headache, just as tasting each and every sample can cause the ultimate stomach ache, too. Why not try something completely different for your big day? Be a trendsetter and hire a food truck or two for your wedding! Ask the food trucks to create specials particular to your taste and give themed names to all the menu options. 


On the topic of being different in regards to wedding food, you can’t get much more unconventional than these mini grilled cheese and tomato soup hors d’oeuvres.  Tasty and funky treats such as these will have your guests going wild. 

8. Delicious Drinks

After breaking a sweat on the dance floor, you and your guests will definitely be thirsty. Get innovative with your drink choices, and customize the bar to suit your wedding vision.


DIY drink stations are popping up all over Pinterest right now, whether it be for weddings, bridal showers, or parties. The best part about these stylish stations is they don’t have to contain traditional drinks. They can be as edgy and unique as you want. Try out diverse recipes and see which you like best before you chose!


For some refreshing and tasty drink options, check out this awesome website we found with 52 recipes! Taste test as many of these as you’d like, and then begin to plan your amazing DIY drink station shortly afterwards.

9. Delectable Desserts

For many brides, the cake and desserts can often be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Time to break away from the traditional tier cake and go for a variety small tasty treats.


Personalize your mini desserts with monogrammed toppers of you and your partner’s initials! Your guests will never forget the thought you put into every small detail.


With mini wedding desserts like these, your guests might have to go back and grab one more. Or two more. Or five more.

Pro tip: Freeze some of your desserts and tightly pack them in tin foil.  On your first year anniversary, you can enjoy one of the sweetest parts of your big day.

10. Fabulous Favors

What better way to end your perfect day than with fancy favors for all your guests? These perfect little gifts will have your guests raving about your wedding for weeks after!


Succulents are every home decor fanatics’ dream right now. Give these unique party favors a try, and spice up your guests’ living rooms and or kitchens with these popular plants.


Years from your big day, each time one of these songs play, you will be taken back to that exact moment during your wedding. Why not give your guests a small token of your wedding to remember, too? 


So, soon-to-be brides and wedding obsessed Pinners, do not stress! You have plenty of creative, crafty ideas to choose from for your perfect Pinterest wedding day. Here at Fracture, we believe that your big day is going to be one for the books.

Have any more ideas to add to create the perfect Pinterest wedding? Comment below!

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