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Here at Fracture, we try to keep our carbon footprint small by taking simple steps like recycling, composting, and using electronic invoices, receipts, and other documents to communicate with customers instead of paper versions. Fracture is about creating beauty, not destroying it. Unless you think spiders are beautiful. We destroy spiders with glee.

Fracture’s mission to stay green starts during our production process, where adorable glass-gnomes print your photos onto glass. Any leftover glass from cutting a large sized Fracture is used to make smaller Fractures. Glass that’s not used to make smaller Fractures is recycled.

When a Fracture doesn’t make the cut, we don’t throw it away; instead, we reclaim the glass from that piece and use it to create new Fractures. Here’s a Fracture that didn’t make it, for obvious reasons.


We know that Fracture customers want to keep Mother Earth healthy, so we communicate in ways that don’t create paper waste. All orders are filled out online, and we send all receipts and other correspondence via e-mail. No snail-mail or paper documents needed.

But mail-snails, that’s another story. We have a whole farm of those.


In March, our office began composting (a big thank you and shout out to Gainesville Compost) and recycling. Our old paper towels have been replaced with environmentally friendly, recycled, brown paper towels that are composted after use.

The design of our office allows us to rely primarily on natural light. We don’t turn on artificial lights very often. Our open floor plan means that we don’t need multiple settings for the AC, though that doesn’t mean we always agree on what the perfect temperature is.


Our employees try to keep it green too. Most are paid by direct deposit and receive electronic pay stubs, further reducing the use of our printer, which often sits un-used for long periods of time. That’s bad news for ink and toner companies, but great news for the environment… and our budget.

Our office is located within walking distance of downtown Gainesville. Every week, we enjoy walking to the Farmer’s Market as a group, and you can often spot us arguing about where to eat as we wander the streets of downtown.

To top it all off, almost all of our employees walk or bike to work. With bike-racks as awesome as these inside our warehouse, it’s hard to resist. 


When you think Fracture, we want you to think not just of a start-up that runs on hope, lame jokes, and organic, dried-date nutrition bars, but also a company that cares about our planet and its future.

We may hate spiders, but we love you,

The Fracture Team

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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Director of Content Marketing. Managing Editor. Drummer. Husband. Father. Lover of good stories and great design.