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At the end of every month we like to look back and celebrate our favorite images and stories we’ve encountered. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and settle in. Fall is here and these are our favorites for September!

We took a new look at everyday things courtesy of Vanessa McKeown

We debated whether this shot was worth the risk of getting hit by a train. (It wasn’t.)

We gave a collective “Awww” at the Sony World Photo Award winning image.

Sony World Photography Awards
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(c) Andrew Suryono, Indonesia, Entry, Nature and Wildlife Category, Open Competition,

And achieved zen with some happy foxes.
Fracture Faves
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Fracture celebrated officially being carbon neutral!

And our 25,000th Facebook like!

We took you behind the scenes of our Fractory on Instagram.

A photo posted by Fracture (@fractureme) on

And talked with Mike about the touching story behind his Fracture.

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