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You’re in luck! In fact, today might be your best Monday ever. We’re presenting you a pot of Fracture gold for the Irish and Irish-at-heart this St. Patrick’s Day.
All the images below are available in the Fracture Marketplace, and would make amazing St. Patrick’s day gifts for the green beer lovers in your life.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade on record in New York was in 1762, when a group of Irish soldiers traveled to a tavern in lower Manhattan.

The Irish Coast by Stephen Collum
“The Irish Coast” by Stephen Collum. A gorgeous scene in North Ireland. A long, rocky cliff-face leading down to the ocean below, and a waterfall off in the distance. Erin Go bragh! 

The Irish American population is, at least, 5 times larger than Ireland, according to the Washington Post. Americans of Irish ancestry are concentrated in the Northeast, particularly in Boston, MA.


Giant’s Causeway by Stephen Collum
Giant’s Causeway by Stephen Collum. Forged by the giants of old, the Giant’s Causeway is a true testament to the power and wonder of Mother Nature. Calls for you to name your future baby Patrick.

The influx of hundreds of thousands Irish immigrants into America was caused by Ireland’s great potato famine in the 1840’s.

Oh, and the tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with parades and festivals? Started in the United States. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day was not a national holiday in Ireland until 1903!

Mist at the Causeway by Stephen Collum
Mist at the Causeway by Stephen Collum. A long exposure of the ocean near the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Do you feel Irish yet?

In the Irish tradition a 3-leafed clover, or Shamrock, is meant to symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with each leaf. The rare, fourth leaf represents God’s Grace.

The Irish Flag
The Flag of Ireland. In the not-so-rare case that you have actual Irish ancestry –this one’s for you.

Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, converted the Irish to Christianity and died on March 17th. And he wasn’t even Irish!

View of Ireland from Space
View of Ireland from Space – courtesy of NASA. Where St. Patrick’s Day is called “Lá Fhéile Pádraig,” and there’s a whole lot of green.