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No need to look any further, here's tons of perfect gifts for your valentine
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With bouquets of red roses starting to pop up and stores stocking up on boxes of chocolate, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Valentine’s Day. This year, don’t buy any of those things and really step up your V-Day game. Whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, platonic loved ones, or best friends, take some time to think about how you want to surprise them on that special day.

For The Enthusiast

Personalized Tasty Cookbook

For the Foodies out there, you’re set up for success if you get them a Tasty Cookbook. Customize their cookbook with seven different sections based on their personal tastes and interests. Some of the categories are health nut, too busy to cook, entertainer, carb lovers, world traveler and lil’ ones. After choosing your categories, you have the option of writing a personal message on the inside page.

Custom March Madness Basketball Bracket

Fantasy Football ended which means March Madness is right around the corner. Get them a custom bracket board to take their game to the next level. It’s an easy way to upgrade their man cave or office and it’s something they’ve probably never seen before.

Craft Beer & Girl Scout Cookies

Breweries are a pretty common thing nowadays, so pick up their favorite craft beer and a couple boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. February is the prime season to get your cookies, and beer complements them well. Put together a flight of different beers and place the cookies next to the corresponding pairing. Don’t have a beer paddle set? Get one here, or do it yourself! If they’re more into bourbon, it also pairs well with Girl Scout cookies.

For The Romantic

Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

What better way to build momentum and anticipation for February 14th than a countdown calendar? All you need for this craft is 14 pink and red envelopes, card stock, a white gel pen and hot pink washi tape. Depending on how creative you want to be, you can print out your cards or draw them yourself. Make each day as thoughtful or extravagant as you would like. Some of our countdown suggestions involve movie nights, paying for a meal out (maybe that could be the last card), and offering to do the dishes.

Home Cooked Meal

Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a romantic evening at home, you can’t go wrong by putting in the effort of giving them a home cooked meal. Break out the candles and rose petals for that extra romantic touch.

Symbolic Romantic Book

Every couple has a love story. Buy them a book that relates to your love story or maybe a certain chapter of it. Wrap it up and write a cute note about how much the story means to you. If your S.O. loves a good read, they’ll really appreciate this gift. Here’s some great romance reads.

For The Adventurist

Give Them a Treasure Hunt

Why just take your Valentine out to dinner when you can spice up the evening with a few twists and turns that will be sure to put a smile on their face. Here’s an idea: hide a card under their car seat with romantic instructions on where to drive to continue the adventure. Send them to their favorite local coffee shop with a special order and tip your baristas generously to play along. With their drink order have a present delivered, perhaps a fancy outfit, shoes and a note saying “get dressed and meet me at [insert your/their favorite restaurant]”. Be waiting for them and enjoy!

For a more affordable option, center the treasure hunt around the house. Give them the first card that can have a riddle or hint as to where the next card is hidden. Surprise them with the last card by either writing the address of the restaurant or even the coordinates or the location. If you have the backyard all set up for a picnic dinner, give the coordinates of your backyard and make them put it into their phone. Once they realize it’s right out back, they’ll be even more impressed with the thought and effort.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Who says that traveling has to cost a fortune? Google Flights can be a lifesaver, especially when it comes to spontaneous weekend trips. One of the best features of Google Flights is the fare calendar that will show you the lowest prices for any given day. Use these tips and tricks to get the best bang for your buck in the most ideal vacation spot! If you don’t already have an account, Hotels.com is a prime way to rack up travel rewards. And if you have to switch reservation dates, a plethora of the bookings are flexible and you don’t have to pay any crazy fees.

Upgrade Their Accessory Game

Whether it’s traveling, hiking, surfing or anything in between, feed their travel bug with some new accessories. At the top of our list are trendy passport covers, luggage scales, travel-sized candles and scarves. Click here for tons of other wanderlust-inspired gifts.

For The Short-Term Relationship

So you’ve been casually dating for a couple of months. But, now it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re in that “do we celebrate or not” phase. It’s okay to do a little something special for that new person in your life without going over the top or freaking them out.

DIY “Favorites” Basket

Have you noticed that they always wear Burt’s Bees chapstick or order lemon-flavored desserts when you go out to dinner? Notice the little things and put them together in a basket. Throw in a red rose or some chocolates to make it feel more like a V-Day gift. They most likely won’t be expecting much but this thoughtful gesture will for sure win you some extra brownie points.

Movie Night

Get some of your favorite popcorn and invite them over for a romantic comedy or Westworld marathon. Add a bottle of wine to the mix and enjoy a night in. For under $10, it’s a nice way to show your potential romance that you’re interested.

For The Long-Term Relationship

“How many of these have we done again?” Don’t let your Valentine’s Day get repetitive year after year. Keep your significant other always guessing and excited for February 14th with these ideas:

DIY Date Night Jenga

Break the stereotypical “flowers and chocolate” routine with a gift that can add some excitement to date night. Buy a Jenga set (or revamp one you already own) and make a list of loving questions, declarations or dares. Include activities such as “I love you because..,” “Plan a weekend trip,” and “Give them kisses.” With a fine-point pen, write a different activity on each block. Stack the blocks and paint hearts on the side with shades of pink and red. Wrap it up in the original box and watch with excitement when they realize it has a fun twist.

Get Them A Meaningful Subscription Box

You know them like the back of your hand at this point. Surprise them with a subscription to products tailored toward their interests. Are they into their faith? Love wine? Sports fanatic? Make-up addict? For more subscription boxes, check out this ultimate list.

For The Platonics

Who says Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your significant other? It’s all about celebrating the people you care about. Check out these recommendations for the most cherished individuals in your life:


There’s nothing sweeter than that split moment when kids are being little darlings instead of pulling the dog’s tail or repainting your walls. Make them a DIY Valentine’s Wheel with rewards to celebrate when they’re on their best behavior or if you have free time on a weekend. Incorporate activities like “you choose the movie,” game night, build a fort, play dress-up or go on a hike. The kids will love the adventure and quality time spent together. It’s a win-win in our book.


Chances are your mom likes nice gifts, but she loves spending quality time with you more. Something as simple as taking her out for mani/pedis, shopping or even cooking a homemade meal together will go a long way.

After dealing with your sassy teenage years, your mom deserves an endless supply of wine. Probably not in the budget, huh? Get her this wine “glass” or take her to a local wine and paint class. You don’t need to be 21 or drink to participate and you two can create some masterpieces together!


Is he an outdoorsy dad or more of an urban dad? BBQ master or football fanatic? Upgrade his grill game with some unique BBQ sauces or a recycled hockey stick grill tong set. Or choose the more sentimental approach and take him on an outing or adventure just for the two of you. You can never go wrong with a “best dad” shirt, mug or pillow, either.


Visit them. It might sound “duh…”, but FaceTime is not only a great iOS feature – it is also very meaningful to the older generations. Bring them flowers, a photo of you together, or even better – a Fracture!

Best Friend

If you slacked during the holiday to get your bestie something special, make it up to them on Galentine’s Day. Say thanks to your BFF for all those late night phone calls, motivational texts and memes that always make you feel 10x better. For the ultimate bestie gift list, check out these ideas. If you’re trying to spend the time with them, Valentine’s Day movies are never a rarity, and your enjoyment of them shouldn’t be either. Plus, popcorn. 


You could always cuddle with a Ben and Jerry’s pint and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s by yourself. Sad ending, you say? Perhaps. Don’t get us wrong – we’re big fans of romance, but remember to celebrate love of all kinds this Valentine’s Day! Or just use it as another excuse to buy those pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for months.

What are you getting for your Valentine this year? Comment below!