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Fun for Fall Always Looks Lovely!

It’s Fall, Ya’ll!

Okay, so it may be too early to break out the oversized sweaters and boots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start transforming your home into something a little more autumnal. Here are 16 of our favorite DIY home decor ideas for the highly-anticipated fall season transition.


1. Warm-Colored Yarn Art

All you need is a twig and some yarn for this simple statement piece. Choose your favorite fall colors- think reds, oranges and browns -and get crafting on wall decor that looks straight out of the Anthropologie fall collection. We love this color combination with some unexpected pink because it’s perfect for the transition from sunny summer to warm fall.


2. A Spiced Candle That Smells Like The Holidays

Pick your favorite fall smells like ginger, cinnamon, clove or pine. Melt them with beeswax and coconut oil. Fill a mason jar for a southern touch. We love this DIY spiced candle because it’s easy, all natural and smells just like being home for the holidays. So cozy!


3. Summer Succulents recycled into a Fall Centerpiece

If you jumped on the succulent decor trend this summer (but really, who didn’t?), then you’ll love our next DIY. Put your succulents to good use by creating this sweet pumpkin centerpiece. The best part? You don’t actually cut into the pumpkin, so this focal point will last a while!

Planting flower bulbs (tulip) in the flower-garden in autumn

4. Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers

For a sweet surprise come spring, plant some pretty perennials in the fall. Nothing will cure the winter blues like some sweet tulips or daffodils poking out of your flower pot or garden. You’ll thank us come spring!


5. Autumnal Flower Display

Whether in various sized small vases or on the wall with an aforementioned yarn hanging, muted-tone flowers can pack a big decorative punch. We’re obsessed with this florist’s take on a classic fall wreath, and will be crafting our own asymmetrical designs ASAP.  


6. Adorable Door Draft Stopper

If you’re from up north and temperatures are dropping already, this adorable door draft stopper might be a dream come true. We love that it can be customized to match your home, and that it’ll keep you from heating more than your home. Money saved, less energy used, and super cute – A win-win in our book.


7. Autumn-Style Pallet Projects

So many pieces of wood, so little time. These wood pallet projects make us want to craft all day. Whether you make these stacked-wood pumpkins, this rustic barn-door mantlepiece, or this light and airy white-wash sign, you’ll be celebrating the coziest season with some of the cutest art around.


8. Wine Bottles wrapped in Burlap

Burlap is so fall, and we love little touches of it in the home. Add some warmth to your favorite wine bottles with these easy burlap wraps. Finishing touches: Add a piece of velvet ribbon to the bottle neck and stencil a sweet message or name on the burlap. Perfect kitchen decor OR gift for the hostess with the mostest (that’s right, you can even give it to yourself).


9. Elegant Magnolia Garland

Magnolia garlands retail for a pretty good chunk of change, but If you can get your hands on the leaves (real or fake), it’s so easy to make your own elegant garland for free. Magnolia leaves are beautiful, timeless, and simply elegant. With some small decor changes, we believe this garland could transition you from summer, to fall, and right into winter.


10. Confetti Pumpkins

Nothing says fall like some classic gourds, and nothing say chic like a party pumpkin. This project calls for white pumpkins (real or craft ones) and some gold washi tape. Cut that tape into confetti-like strips and go to town. We love this idea because the white pumpkin seems like less of a commitment than a bright orange one- the white still works with your leftover summer decor. So fun. Go party pumpkins. You can check out more creative pumpkin ideas here


11. Twig Votives

These sweet votives are rustic and cozy with a hint of glam. Spray paint twig pieces, white and gold, or leave twig natural before gluing them to standard votive holders. We love the combination of the white, gold and natural wood together – perfect for a holiday dinner table, decorated mantle, or on the coffee table as a pretty display. Light them in the evening for the perfect autumnal ambience.


12. Fall Banner

This DIY is perfect for the leftover crafting scraps cluttering your home. It only takes a piece of fabric, a wooden dowel and some twine to make this sweet or sassy banner decoration. Use transfer paper or a stencil to add a fun seasonal message.


13. Colorful Clay Animal Heads

Make some tiny decorative clay animal heads that add some classy character to your home. These aren’t as hard to make as they look, and something about them (especially the deer with colorful twig antlers) is so reminiscent of fall. Make a set of three for a sweet wall decoration.


14. Fun Fall Bottles

There’s something effortlessly adorable about these empty beer bottles turned home decor. This is the perfect craft to start the next time you have friends over for happy hour. Clean the bottles, wrap some twine around them, write a cute message, and you’re done. Candles sticking out turn this craft into a funky fall candelabra.

fall-leaf-initial15. Sweet Leaf Letter

The most quintessential autumn decor has to be fall leaves. Whether they are falling from trees where you live, or you pick them up at the craft store, fall leaves can transform a cardboard cutout of your initial into adorable wall or window art. This letter covered in leaves would be a sweet touch for the front door.


16. Not-Your-Mother’s Front Door Wreath

This fall, we’re challenging you to get creative with your wreath. Whether your style is minimalist, glam or whimsical, create a wreath that sets the tone as soon as your guest walk in the door. We love this one made up of wooden rods that come together to form a circle.

How are you transitioning your decor for Fall? Let us know in the comments!

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