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Awesome closet makeover hacks!

Bedroom closets: plain, overlooked, and rarely appreciated. Until now. Transform that dull but oh-so-necessary storage space into a decorator’s dream, without requiring a decorator’s budget. Paint, stencils, contact paper and a few creative storage solutions will boost the bodaciousness of your closet. Our upgrades will upgrade your closet so much, you’ll actually look forward to opening its doors.


1. Color Culture

A white closet is a boring closet. Give your closet an energy boost by painting its visible walls in a color different than the bedroom itself. A hue picked up from a fabric or decorative item elsewhere in the bedroom will work perfectly. Bright orange, apple green or sunshine yellow wake up the senses, adding a summery, cheerful vibe. Cobalt blue or violet add an eclectic, mystical vibe. These colors add an unexpected sense of playfulness to a room, especially for a bedroom otherwise decked out in white, neutrals or wallpaper.


If you’re concerned about deep colors affecting your perception of the colors of the clothing in the closet, go with something more muted and soothing to you. Colors that are pale , slightly warm blue, gray or beige, for instance would work perfectly.

There’s no need to stop with just one wall color, either. Paint stripes, chevrons or geometric shapes, or make a simple silhouette or skyline mural to give the space a personal touch. Stick-on removable vinyl shapes such as triangles, guitars or stars also add a pinch of personality.


2. From Awkward Space to Boutique Chic

Sure, we’d all love to have a walk-in closet, but that’s not always the reality. Use stencils and a few accessories to transform the look of a small, awkward closet, such as one with a sloped ceiling, into something fitting of a Melrose pop-up shop. Stencil the walls with a wallpaper-style damask or chevron print (or any large print you prefer). Outfit the space with useful accessories such as a small dresser painted in a coordinating color, a mirror, or even a repainted, repurposed chandelier.


3. Totally A-door-able

The style of the average closet door leaves a lot to be desired. Upgrade the look with a fresh coat of paint plus an architectural element, or go bold with a patterned contact paper or a stick-on mural. A ceiling medallion around each door pull gives painted bifold doors a refreshingly upscale upgrade. Carefully applied wallpaper, a patterned contact paper or stick-on mural adds an artistic element to the doors, transforming them from frumpy features into focal points. Think of those boring bifolds, sliding doors and plain hinged doors as blank canvases for your imagination and there are no limits to their potential for awesomeness.


4. Heel Appeal

It’s hard to say just what amount of shoes is too many, but if shoes tumble out of your closet when you open the door, you’re close. Craft your own form of creative clutter control with a DIY crown molding shoe organizer. Cut thin strips of crown molding to fit a side or back wall inside your closet. Give the molding a juicy shade of orange, grape, or cherry, whichever looks best in your closet. Next up, mount the strips horizontally from wall studs. Hang pairs of high heels from the strips for a simple, tidy way to keep shoes organized. It’s also a lot easier to find the pair you seek this way.

Hang flats or athletic shoes (men’s or kids’ shoes, too) in similar fashion by using towel bars in place of the crown molding. Just slip the toe of each shoe downward between the towel bar and wall with the shoes facing outward.


5. Back-of-the-Door Amour

The back of the door is one of those “bonus” spaces when it comes to both decor and storage. Paint the back of the door in a color that stands out yet coordinates with the rest of the closet. Add a thin towel bar and S hooks or curtain ring clips. This will provide you an excellent out-of-the-way holder for everything from necklaces to neckties, scarves or belts. The back of the door is also a great place to mount a small stick-on mirror for those last-minute outfit checks on your way out the door.


6. Behind the Curtain

If your closet has no door or you’ve just removed that hideous door, congratulations it’s time to give your closet a completely different look. Cover the opening instead with curtain panels. Bold, colorful fabric panels paired with rope tiebacks add a bit of extra visual flavor to the room. Fabric shower curtains can also be used; you just may find some interesting designs not available in standard curtains. Hang the curtains from a standard curtain rod mounted outside the closet for a wide closet opening. A tension rod spanning inside the door frame can be used for narrower closets.


7. Let There Be Light

There’s nothing quite like trying to pick an outfit out of the closet in the dark. Even during broad daylight, the space inside a non-lit closet can be a bit too dark to find what you seek.

You don’t have to live in the dark anymore, and you don’t have to deal with electrical wiring, either. Motion-sensing LED ceiling lights are about to make your life a lot easier. These stick-on battery-operated units turn on when you need them and turn off when you’re done picking out the day’s digs. The light manufacturers claim that the LEDs never need to be replaced; one set of batteries typically lasts for the equivalent of 30 hours of continual use. Similar versions turn on via remote or by touching the light cover. These can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall near the closet rods.

But wait, there’s more! Battery-operated wall sconces look just like their wired siblings, providing light and a decorative touch to the closet.

Have any other great closet upgrade tips? Let us know in the comments

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