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Everybody has the ability to make their own artwork.

All it takes is a camera.

In fact, you probably have one with you right now. Right in your pocket. Smartphone cameras are so high quality these days that almost any snap can be made into a permanent piece of art.

Making your own artwork with your camera is not as difficult as it may sound, and there is nothing like seeing your masterpiece up on the wall for everyone to admire!

Have you ever walked into a decor store and seen a dozen canvas prints of sad-looking orchids or a generic Eiffel Tower shot, and thought, “Wow, that is so not my style?” or maybe, “Jeez, my photos are just as good as these?”

Plus, it can be embarrassing when you discover your friends have the same artwork on their walls! You can laugh it off and compliment each other on good taste, but of course, you feel less original.

Luckily, making your own art is a fun and creative way to add character and personality to your home.

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Try These 5 Easy Steps:

1. Get Your Camera (Or Phone) Ready

Charge it up, and get ready! Make sure you have enough storage on your camera and consider a lens for your phone’s camera.

2. Choose Your Theme

There are plenty of great subjects like landscapes, wildlife, portraiture, cityscapes and more. Think about what images you would like to see on your wall. You can always look for inspiration online or in art books.

3. Get Snapping

Once you’ve picked your subject it’s time to get snapping. Take plenty of shots and experiment until you get something you like. Our list of the top ten photography mistakes to avoid would come in handy here.

4. Edit

Select your favorite images and tweak them using editing software like Adobe or Corel, or an app like Instagram or Picstart. Consider making a photo collage if you’ve just got too many amazing photos to choose from.

5. Print

When you’ve got your images looking perfect, it’s time to print. You can use a traditional printer, or you could opt for a more sleek and modern approach with glass, no frame necessary.

It’s time to shake things up by using your own photography to liven up your wall space.fracture for create art post


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