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Great ways to revamp your fall decor into perfect winter pieces!

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, we feel like we blinked, and fall was over. Now is the time to start decorating for the coziest season, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Here are some easy and beautiful tips to transition your home decor by incorporating some new elements into what you already have. Save some money without sacrificing your dream winter-wonderland decor.


1. Update your front porch

If your front porch is full of pumpkins and fall colors, it’s time for a cold-weather update. Trade fall leaves for evergreen branches and incorporate some firewood for a rustic feel. Use the same base pot that you used for your fall decor to keep things simple. We love the wintry accents of pinecones and lights.


2. Winterize your pumpkins

Don’t throw out your pumpkin decor just yet! If you’ve got white pumpkins to work with, pair them with seasonal flowers and greenery, matching white candles, and a simple table runner for the tablescape of your winter dreams. If you’ve only got orange pumpkins to work with, spray paint them silver and gold for an icy look.


3. Turn your fall wreath into a wintery treat

Instead of tossing your fall floral wreath, recycle it into the perfect snowy decor accent. Keep a few faux flowers that go with your new winter theme (see hydrangeas above), add some pinecones, berries and boxwood, then winterize with spray paint, glue and fake snow.


4. Cozy up your living space

As temperatures drop, update your home with tiny touches of comfort. Place throw blankets around your living room (and even patio space), dust off that fire place, and light a few candles. Winter decorating inspires warm feelings of love. 


5. Transform your fruit bowl for the season

If you decorated for fall with a lovely fruit bowl on your kitchen countertop, then you’ll love this easy winter transition. Trade some of your autumn apples for winter pears and pomegranates, and spray paint just a few of those fruits (faux if you want them to last longer) with a silver, gold or copper spray paint. The touch of metallic is a sure winter favorite.

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

 6. Upcycle your fall pinecones

If you’ve got a million pinecones laying around (either in your backyard or in your fall home decor), it’s time to give them a new use. Use gold gilding paper or spray paint to give these pinecones a hint of glamour, then hang them across your mantle for a rustic seasonal display. We love this pine cone garland paired with a red camping lamp, candles, and statement mirror.


7. Dress up your candles

Turn ordinary candles into delicious-smelling ambience makers by wrapping them in cinnamon sticks. The lit candles with emit a perfectly seasonal scent, and they are as wintery as they are easy to make. 


8. Turn fall leaves into a December centerpiece

If you gathered some fall leaves from your yard and incorporated them into fall decor, it’s time to give them a new identity for winter. Spray paint leaves gold, silver, or wintery white and make you own glamorous statement centerpiece. We love how over-the-top this one is, but could also see a more wintergreen centerpiece accented with silver leaves.


We hope that these simple, seasonal ideas inspire you to start winterizing your home without wasting decor you already have. Some creativity and resourcefulness is all it takes to achieve amazing home decor for the holiday season transition. 

How will you recycle your fall decor for winter? Let us know in the comments!

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Lauren Fernandez

Lauren Fernandez

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