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Who needs paint when you have these COLORFUL tips?!

For many renters, home decor fanatics, and parents of ever-changing kids, designing your home to last the ages can be a difficult feat. The constant struggle of wanting to redesign your living room, but not wanting to change the paint prevents us from creating the house of our dreams. We’re back at it again with the home decor hacks, this time putting down the paintbrush and whipping out our decor catalogs. It’s time to add that perfect pop of color minus the mess.


1. Be Bold

Perhaps one of the easiest fixes to this colorless dilemma is to add bold artwork to your walls. Your white wall is your blank canvas, so add bright pieces as you please. Start from scratch and design the room you always wanted. Bold artwork can instantly enhance any room!


2. Color Code Books

Spend an afternoon organizing your books, not by author name or title, but by color. You’ll be shocked at what a difference those two hours can make to the overall feel of your room.


3. Flower Power

Have you ever noticed how a vase of flowers in the middle of table can brighten up the entire room? Pick out the most colorful bouquet you can find. Place it on your desk or coffee table for an easy addition to even the most bland of rooms. Not only do they look great, but they smell great too! If you don’t want to deal with the mess of dying flowers, buy some old-fashioned artificial flowers for the same effect.


4. Creative Curtains

Imagine how beautiful the light peering through your brand new bold colored curtains could be. The sunshine will be just enough to wake you up before your morning cup of coffee!


5. To-Die-For Tiles

You know what they say… A bland kitchen equals bland food. Therefore, it’s time to spice up that kitchen of yours with some peel and stick accent tiles! These easy-to-use decorations will allow you to create the most vibrant and elaborate kitchen of your dreams, and in result, the tastiest food.


6. Comfort and Color

Need a place to relax but not make you sleepy? Try adding a big, colorful couch to any room for that perfect mix of comfort and energy your home needs.


7. Light it Up

Incorporating a funky light piece, not only lights up the room, but instantly makes your room feel bigger. Pick out the perfect pendant light and show off your personality.


8. Gallery Wall

Over here at the Fractory we love a good collage wall. Whether it be a collection of your favorite family photos or a few trendy art pieces, brighten up your walls with color. Try pulling colors from the room (colors from pillows, rugs, etc.) and paint your frames to match the scheme of the room.

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9. Colorful Rug

Never underestimate the power of a good rug. Whether you pick one that is fluffy, shaggy, patterned, or a solid color, vibrant rugs can make even the smallest room seem spacious, and it will pull the entire room together.


10. Wallpaper Wonder

Temporary wallpaper is every renter’s dream come true. These decor dreams come in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. The best part? The adhesive is about as strong as a post-it note, leaving no messy residue behind! Perfect for creating a no stress, no mess accent wall.


11. Open Shelving 

Open shelving in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms is extremely popular in home decor right now. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines by being bold and going doorless. Take it to the next level and pick fun and colorful dishware and cups for a kitchen that pops. Not only will it add instant color, but motivate you to keep your kitchen organized and clean!


12. Colorful Pillows and Throws

Fun and intricate pillows are all the jazz these days, and you can find them just about anywhere. Spice up your plain white comforter or boring old couch with as many pillows and blankets as your budget will allow! In addition to the added color, you’ll be extra comfortable, too.


13. All White With Color Pops

Even though Labor Day has come and gone, we are breaking the rules and wearing white all year. One of the easiest ways to create a color pop is by going for an all white/neutral theme. Then by incorporating new bold pieces in, they stand out even more with this soft background.


14. Beautiful Banners

Want to add a cool design to your wall without going through the pain of picking out and putting up new wallpaper? If this speaks to you, then a banner or a tapestry is the way to go! Support your favorite professional or college sports team with a banner, or embrace your trendy side with an artsy tapestry. If you happen to grow out of that phase, however, have no fear. Both tapestries and banners are easily removable.


15. Vibrant Chairs

Give both your kitchen and dining room some personality by replacing your old chairs/barstools with bold and vibrant ones! Your house party guests and family members won’t be disappointed.


Put away the paint brush and pullout the fast facts to fun! Try adding a pop of color to your home and take your home to the next level.

Which of these home decor hacks would you like to incorporate in your home for an extra color pop? Comment below!