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The one-stop shop for all your crucial coffee needs.

If you’re anything like us, coffee is the first thing on your mind when you wake up. The last thing you need on a hectic morning is to find out that you have no clean mugs and used your last K-Cup yesterday. Enter the coffee cart: a one-stop shop for all your crucial caffeination needs. We love how coffee carts combine practicality and design into one cohesive caffeination station.



First things first, you need a cart or bar area. There are many ways to establish an area for your coffee bar, including an island, a kitchen cart, or a more substantial storage piece. Target, Amazon, Wayfair, and many other retailers have pre-made coffee carts ready to go. Handy features to look for include counter space, portability, easy cleanup, and drawers or shelves for storage.

If you’d rather DIY this part, we don’t blame you. Coffee stations can get pricey, and we’d rather spend our money on more coffee. There are tons of DIY tutorials that complement different home decor styles. For even more character, scope out some vintage options that you can customize for your home!

If you’re balling on a budget but not quite up for a labor intensive DIY, check out some cheap kitchen carts. While they may initially scream dorm room, with the right touches they can make the perfect budget-friendly coffee cart!



Mugs are the vital vessel to your caffeine, so you might as well have cute ones! Whether you collect mugs on your travels (guilty), have a matching set for each season (guilty again), or crafted a bunch yourself, a coffee cart is the perfect way to display your collection. Your mugs can act as a pop of color in a bland rental, or as a reminder that cooler nights with cocoa are just around the corner.

No matter the season and no matter the mug, display them in a cute and functional way on your coffee cart. We love the idea of hanging them from a shelf above your cart to keep the counter space clean and simple. Or you can designate a shelf of your cart to mug storage, depending on how many you have.


Coffee Maker

Whether you stick to a Keurig or are loyal to your French press, a coffee maker is a necessity. If you’re using an electronic coffee pot, make sure that you situate your cart near an outlet to avoid frustration.



A crucial part of any functional coffee cart is storage. Too much, and you end up with a bulky cart. Too little, and you end up with a cluttered and overflowing cart. When buying or making your coffee cart, be honest with yourself about how much storage you need. Make sure you have room for the essentials like sugar and your coffee grounds of choice. Consider cute containers to keep everything expertly organized, and a tray to hold your cups. From there, you can branch out into stocking multiple flavors of brews, syrups, creamers, and toppings.



The final touch to any coffee cart is fun artwork. Coffee begs to be made into artwork, and a coffee cart gives you a great excuse! We love some of these pieces to hang above your coffee cart. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try chalkboard paint that you can write on. Switch up the designs and make some of your own coffee art!

keurig coffee cart

Bonus Tip: Combine your coffee and bar cart! 

Love the idea of a coffee and bar cart, but don’t have room (or the money) for both? Combine them! Keep your top layer simple with complementing mugs and champagne flutes or wine glasses, and multifunctional straws. Use your organizational containers to hold coffee and cocktail necessities down below. Some syrups and mixers might even be multifunctional. Keep it simple, keep it usable, and avoid clutter. Trust us, it’ll look like a million bucks! 


Do you have a cool coffee cart? Snap a pic and share below!

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Carly Howell

Carly Howell

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