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From fluffy pillows to thoughtful treats, create the ultimate oasis for your guests to relax in

And they’re here! As the guests roll in and house tours begin, take them to the room that they’ll never want to leave- the guest room. From fluffy pillows to thoughtful treats, it’s time to create the ultimate oasis for your guests to refresh and relax in.


1. Hooks and Hangers

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is absolutely essential in every guest room. Be sure to stock their closet with hangers and the back of the doors with hooks to keep their bags and personal belongings neatly stowed away.


2. Wi-Fi

Upgrade from the easily lost post-it note to a chic and hangable version. Sites like Etsy offer formats you can download to match any decor style, and they look great in frames. Another option (that happens to be our favorite) is to get a cool Fracture made with all of the essential information.


3. Welcome Cart

As many do, guests tend to forget essentials such as toothbrushes, shampoo and soap. Stock up on these supplies and keep them handy for your guests. Keep them visible with extra rolls of toilet paper, towels, and linens so your guests don’t have to go hunting for them. We love the idea of keeping all these things handy on a cute cart.

Pro tip: Purchase non-scented and hypoallergenic products for your guests, just in case they have allergies.


4. Local Gift Basket 

Go the extra mile for your loved ones and stock up a basket with local items and treats matching where they are visiting. Include maps and brochures for fun things to do that are special to your city. This will spark excitement for their visit and add a personal touch.

5. Welcome Decor 

Tackle your own pallet project or DIY craft while welcoming your guests into your home. Use a leftover stain or extra slab of wood from your last project and spruce it up into a cute sign. Go the extra step and show your visitors how happy you are to have them here.


6. Best Bedding

When it comes to any room, this may be the most essential part of a comfortable stay. For your guests, be sure to provide with them with the best quality sheets and blankets that you can afford. Stack different thicknesses of soft blankets by the bed to make sure your guest are as warm (or cold!) as they need to be. Help your guests feel ultra-snug with softly woven wool, velvets, mohair and sheepskins.


7. Fresh Flowers

Not only can a bouquet of flowers add a great pop of color to a room, but it adds a special little something to those visiting. Pick flowers special to your state, in season, or special for the people visiting.

Pro Tip: It’s also not a bad idea to opt for flowers such as tulips which are year-round, filled with color, and are easy to clean up after.


8. Bedside Table 

When building your guest room, keep in mind the essentials. Get creative with lighting and pick a fun lamp and clock for late night reads. Keep your guests organized by leaving a tray for them on the bedside table perfect for a late-night snack or tiny jewelry and knick knacks.


9. Charge Up

House guests are notorious for forgetting their phone chargers. Avoid the battle over battery life by providing a spare. Help your guests stay tangle free with this DIY charging station.


10. Velcro Bedskirt

Does your guest room double as storage space when you’re not entertaining? This DIY bedskirt is about to become your saving grace. Hide all of the boxes and bins you need under the bed, with guests none the wiser. We love the touch of fringe that ties the bedding together.


11. A Personal Touch

When your guest is coming to town, try keeping an inexpensive photo gift on the bedside table. Upon their arrival, it’ll remind them of the memories you’ve had and the good times to come (especially on this trip)! Not only will this add a special touch to the room, but it’s a great keepsake for them to take home.

No matter what the season, these tips will keep you stress and mess free.

Do you have any tips for the ultimate guest room? Let us know in the comments.

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Jessica Simmonds-Short

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