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Uncover some great storage options you might not have realized you have!

We could all use more storage space in our homes. But who wants to clutter up their space with storage bins, extra cabinets or bulky storage furniture? Sometimes, the best storage space is the unexpected kind – secret storage areas, multi-functional furnishings and cleverly reclaimed space.


1. Stairway Stash

If you think about it, stairways cover up a lot of space that could be reclaimed for – you guessed it – storage. Gain some serious storage space by building drawers into each step. Should you prefer to go the professional route, hire a contractor to do the work. With the right stairway layout, the entire side “wall” of the stairs can be upgraded to offer a massive amount of storage. This could be in the form of large drawers, an extra closet, or even a hidden pullout bar cart.


2. Gettin’ Fridgey With It

You know that annoying gap between the side of the refrigerator and the wall? Storage space! Build a tall, narrow pantry on wheels, customized to perfectly fit the space. This genius space-saving hack provides enough space to store all your spices, baking supplies, and an ample supply of canned goods. This is winning.


3. Toekick Cabinet Drawers

Snag some extra storage space in the kitchen or bathroom by installing toekick drawers in the cabinets. The toekick area – that indented baseboard area just above the floor – is just wasted space otherwise. Hire a contractor or build your own floor-level drawers to stash your pots and pans, kitchen linens or muffin tins without using up any more floor space in your kitchen. In a bathroom vanity or cabinet, the extra drawer space could be used for towels, toiletries, the hair dryer and a flat iron. Brilliant!


4. Headboard Storage

A headboard can be a space-eating behemoth in the bedroom. Pick one that does double-duty with built-in storage space, such as the IKEA BRIMNES. Now you have space to store your phone, tablet and reading materials without creating clutter on your nightstand (or the floor).


5. Doors of (mis)Perception

Looking for the perfect hiding place to stash extra cash or the key to the safe deposit box? No one will ever think to look in the door. This brilliant hack adds a secret storage space in the top of a hollow-core interior door.

Cut an opening in the top of the door, making the hole just wide enough to fit a cigar tube or similar container. Add a washer to the cap of your container, so the container doesn’t fall deep inside the door. Fill the container with your golden goodies, then pop the container into the hole. James Bond would love this one.


6. Storage Sofa

Everyone knows about storage benches and ottomans, but how about a storage sofa? Since a sofa takes up so much floor space, it’s the perfect candidate for multi-functional furnishing. This one does triple duty as sofa, bed, and storage space. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could also make your own storage sofa.


7. Framed

A frame is a frame is a frame …or is it? Make your own storage picture frame out of a hinged shadow box. Place the artwork up against the back of the glass, so it looks like any other picture in a frame. Glue a sheet of cork inside the back of the shadow box, then add pushpins to the cork to hang items out of sight. Necklaces, bracelets, or even those spare keys now have a place of their own.


8. Bathtub Secrets

The bathtub: private spa-like space to unwind after a long day. This clever tub surround: private storage space for bath linens, cleaning supplies or anything else that eats up valuable closet space. If you have the budget or are in the market for a new tub, a modern luxury storage tub looks chic while adding coveted storage space to your home’s inner sanctuary.


9. Gotta Vent

An air vent cover on the wall is so commonplace, no one would ever suspect that this version actually hides a safe or secret compartment. A faux vent safe installs between wall studs, much like ductwork for an air vent, and the cover looks just like an actual vent cover. A deluxe model opens by waving an RFID-enabled key fob in front of it. Fancy, huh?

10. Non-Electrical Outlet

A fake electrical outlet is the perfect place to stash small valuables or extra cash. Much like its faux friend the vent safe, it’s designed to look just like the real deal. Some versions come with a drywall saw and a template to make the installation even easier.


11. Mantel Mystery

A mantel enhances the look of an otherwise boring and boxy fireplace, but it could do so much more.  What if the mantel was really a storage area with loads of hidden shelf space? No fireplace? No problem – build a faux mantel that looks purely decorative, with its own hidden storage secrets.


12. Bed with a Bonus

Storing things under the bed seems like a great idea – until you discover a colony of dust bunnies breeding there. Instead, opt for a hinged bed frame that lifts away from the enclosed sides – even with the mattress atop it – to reveal tons of storage space beneath.

Which of these tricks will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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Chase Granger

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