An Exercise in Mutual Back Scratching (aka our Affiliate Program)

We are LOVING your attention.

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Here at Fracture we are both elated and humbled by all of the positive feedback we have been getting on all of our social media. People love our Fractures, and we love our people!

To make purchasing your Fracture a more rewarding experience for our die-hard fans, we have taken the liberty of setting up our own affiliate program. 

We know what you’re thinking… what about the Fracture Rewards Program? Oh, it’s still rocking. Get on board right here.

The Affiliate Program is designed more specifically for content creators, bloggers, publishers, podcasters, etc. People who already receive a good amount of traffic online can now partner with us and get paid for it.d62a63bfb2d981ef79985a79a973372e7a24a0114b8e53e1e0b6ea22d98c9167

Quite functionally, “You scratch our back; we’ll scratch yours.”

The Fracture affiliate program rewards affiliates for their performance-based marketing achievements, assisting affiliates to earn up to 10% of the sales within the 90-day cookie duration.

Our vision ‘to make printing as customized and personal as the picture themselves,’ combined with seasonal promotions, creates great affiliate marketing opportunities for affiliates to maximize revenue.

Why Join our Affiliate Program?

1. Fracture offers free shipping on all orders over $100, in addition to seasonal promotional offers, that will continually drive traffic to your website.

2. With a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty, Fracture ensures customers that every step is taken to guarantee that they will always be satisfied with the finished product.

3. Have you seen a Fracture? We like to stay humble and hungry, but these things look amazing. We are legitimately fans of our own product.

To join the Fracture affiliate program,  join the LinkShare or ShareASale network, or click here to join!

If you’re more interested in earning Free Fractures for yourself, click here.

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