Fracture Loves Pro Photographers

At Fracture, we love our customers of all kinds, from newbies who barely managed to get their smartphone picture uploaded, to the pros who had trouble picking which SLR to use today.

The majority of our customers are not professional photographers.
And we’re ok with that , because, let’s face it, the majority of the people on Earth are not professional photographers.

Photographer Capturing Sunset

But don’t misunderstand us, we love professional photographers. We really enjoy people who are dedicated to a craft that we hold so close to our heart. Photos are so powerful, artistic, and provocative, and hold so much power of emotion, memory, and beauty.

We also love how much photographers can themselves be the best evangelists for how awesome photos can be. So, we’ve decided to show some love to professional photographers.

The Fracture Team is very excited to announce our new professional photographer discount program called Fracture Pro.

Professional photographers that sign up for Fracture Pro receive a standard 10% discount on all orders by using a private, confidential coupon code reserved for Fracture Pro members.


After the first full month of participation, we re-evaluate the volume of prints and orders made by a photographer to determine whether we need to increase the discount or keep it at 10%.

If you’re interested in signing up for Fracture Pro, please send us an email at


The Fracture Team

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