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Don't wanna lug around your DSLR every day? Better yet, don't want to pay the price tag of a DSLR to get good pictures? This app is less than $4 and was created specifically for advanced photography. Check out our review on it!

As someone who has no experience whatsoever with professional photography or digital SLR cameras, I was slightly scared of ProShot when I first opened it. And let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy ProShot made it to learn the basics.

What is ProShot?

ProShot is an advanced camera app that allows you to manually change the settings of your Smartphone’s camera, as if it were a DSLR. Similarly to your smartphone camera, you can use the auto feature in ProShot if you’re not comfortable with messing around with all the manual settings.

Left: iPhone 5s camera, middle: ProShot auto, right: ProShot manual

Should I use this app?

You should use ProShot if you want to step up your picture game. This is also a great app if you can’t afford a DSLR or simply don’t want to bring your professional camera with you all of the time. It’s also a great way to learn the basics before committing to the investment of an expensive camera.

What does it do exactly?

ProShot’s overall mission is “advanced photography for all.” The circle dials on the corners of the screen are supposed to mimic the design of a DSLR camera. Here’s several of my favorite features in ProShot:

proshot dials 21. Shooting Modes

You can choose different shooting modes: normal, light painting, time lapse and video.

Normal: Great for everyday shots and if you’re not trying to get too fancy. You can also use the bracketing feature through normal mode (see below for more on bracketing).

Light painting: This mode is most ideal for long exposure photography (night shots, light painting, catching that sick shot of the ferris wheel).

Timelapse: Just like the name suggests, this mode lets you take multiple shots over a period of time. There are two options for the timelapse mode: photo and video. In photo, it takes a burst of images and saves them to your camera roll. In video, it converts the burst of images into a timelapse movie.

Video: This is very self explanatory. You can take videos in ProShot but the best part is that you can adjust the settings to your own personal preferences.

proshot bracketing2. Bracketing

If you’re like me and have never even heard of this word before, don’t fret. Bracketing means that you are using different camera settings to take various shots of the same subject. Bracketing takes 3 pictures at once in different exposures. A lot of times this is used in landscape photography because the grass requires a certain setting, the sky would require another, and the background (mountains, lake, etc) would require another. You can manipulate these 3 shots in Photoshop to get the best version of your shot using this tutorial.

proshot dials3. Drive Modes

There are four different “drive” modes: auto, program, manual and custom 1 and 2. Auto has automatically chosen features so you won’t have to adjust anything and can just take your shot. With program, manual or custom settings, you have full control over the exposure triangle.

The manual settings come in handy when you’re taking pictures in lighting that isn’t ideal. Here’s an example of how manual helped me get that perfect shot:

proshot examples
Left: auto mode, middle: manual mode with adjusted shutter, right: end result in manual mode

4. Tutorial help

One of my favorite parts of the app was the interactive tutorial that guided you through the process from start to finish. Most other apps I’ve reviewed don’t have features like this and it definitely helps beginners who are using this app and don’t know what they’re doing. Once you open the app, there should be a screen that gives you the tutorial option. However, if ProShot takes you directly to the camera, here’s how to find the tutorial:


What are the pros?

ProShot is a way to learn the basics of manual photography. It has the potential to get people interested in photography who may have never tried it otherwise. ProShot also makes it easy to take high quality photos from a smartphone, which can be really convenient for those who don’t like carrying around a camera.

Unlike other apps that specialize in editing, ProShot reduces the amount of editing you need to do to achieve your goal. ProShot has a built-in feature that allows you to blur the foreground/background to emphasize your focal point.

overexposed proshotAre there any cons?

When using this app, avoid getting carried away with all of the features outside of auto mode. It’s easy to make your pictures look over/underexposed or unrealistic by changing the exposure too much. Since this app is a substitute to a DSLR, you want your pictures to be as authentic as possible.

How much does the app cost?

The app is $3.99 on Android and Apple devices and only $2.99 on the Windows phone, but considering the cost of a DSLR, that’s pretty much a steal.

Where is the app available?

You can get it on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

Anything else?

I have been on the fence about getting a DSLR camera for years. ProShot was a great way to get the feel of a DSLR without committing to the expensive price tag. It’s also a great way to just make your smartphone pictures look their best. Overall this app is a solid 4/5 stars and I would definitely recommend it.

Do you use ProShot, or maybe another advanced camera app? Share your experience below!

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