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As many of you know, we collaborate with One Million Photographers (1MP), a beautiful online photography gallery. Once a month we pick a 1MP contest winner, and they feature it on their blog, and the winning photographer gets a free Fracture print.

Playing in Dusty Dusk by MD Tanveer Rohan from One Million Photographers
Playing in Dusty Dusk by MD Tanveer Rohan from One Million Photographers

100 camerasWe are happy to share with you that 1MP has an exciting new partnership with 100cameras, a non-profit organization. 100cameras helps give children in underprivileged communities the tools to express themselves through photography. They teach the children basic photojournalism skills. Then their photos are turned into sellable products that fund their own educational and medical supplies.

one million photographers
Old Cuban Car by Nicolás Biglié from One Million Photographers

1MP is committed to giving back to society through photography. 1MP announced that it will be donating $1 from every photo entry directly to 100cameras through its new partnership. 100cameras hopes to empower these youngsters and teach them that they can foster positive change.

one million photographers
Walk of Faith by Luís Vilaça from One Million Photographers

Angela Popplewell, Founder and Executive Director of 100cameras said,

“Everyone has a story to tell, and 1MP has taken a lead in giving those everyday stories the opportunity to be shared. 100cameras is honoured to partner with 1MP to create even more impact together. 1MP’s commitment to give $1 from every photo submission is truly an important addition to the work of 100cameras this year. This gift will go directly towards our project platform to equip more kids worldwide with the tools they need to share their perspectives and to create change in their communities.”

one million photographers
In Motion by Natalia Toskina from One Million Photographers

We love seeing partnerships like these, and we couldn’t be more proud to be working with 1MP. Giving back to the community is something Fracture holds near and dear to our heart, and seeing organizations encourage positive change gives us such great joy. Be sure to keep up with 100cameras on Facebook.

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