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A simple app to add great captions to your photos!

Love to scrapbook but short on time? Caption Magic may be the perfect solution. Caption Magic app helps you place text captions directly on your favorite photos by recommending the best placing, size, and fonts.

What is Caption Magic, exactly?

Caption Magic is a photo editing app that allows you to insert text captions directly on your digital photo. You can type any caption that you like, and the app recommends the ideal placement, size, and fonts for your photo. You can then save, share, or print these photos with your custom text.

Should I use this app?

Caption Magic is the perfect app for those who like the idea of direct captioning. If you love scrapbooking and documenting memories in a unique way, then you’ll love this app. If you want to go beyond the typical caption on social media or add visual flair to your photos, this is the perfect app for that.

If you are not a fan of text on your photos, then this app probably won’t be the best fit for you.

What does it do, exactly? 

Caption Magic takes the guesswork out of adding text to photos. Here are the steps to add the caption that looks best on your photos through Caption Magic:  


1. When you open Caption Magic, you have the option to take a a photo or choose one from your existing photo library.

2. Once you’ve chosen your photo, Caption Magic enhances it and opens a text box. Write whatever you want –  you can even add emojis!

3. Once you’ve saved your text, Caption Magic automatically assigns it to the best position and color based on your photograph. For mine, Caption Magic placed it in the empty space of the sky and in an orange tone that complemented the lighting. Keep in mind, you can always change the color and positioning if you are not pleased with the app’s choices.


4. From here, I was able to play around with fonts and colors. I settled on a on a more intricate font, but kept their color suggestion.

5. Finally, Caption Magic provides many ways to save your photo. I chose to directly save my photo to my phone, but you can also message, email, print, or post it to social media sites directly from the app.

What are the pros?

You should use this app if you like text captioning but are unsure about what size, color, placement, or font looks best. Caption magic also does not collect any personal information. You simply open your photo, write your caption, and save the edited photo. No login required.

Are there any cons? 

You wouldn’t like this app if you do not like text on your photos. Additionally, the font options may seem limited to a more advanced user.

How much does Caption Magic cost? 

You can download and use Caption Magic for free with no watermark or registration process.

Where is the app available? 

Caption Magic is currently only available in the Apple App Store.

Have you ever used Caption Magic? Share your experience below!

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Carly Howell

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