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WARNING: You will be inspired to take some cool photos!
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Creating awe-inspiring images that make people do a double take is all about thinking outside the box. If you’re looking for some inspiration to kick start your own creativity check out this collection of 19 incredible photographs from some of the world’s most talented artists. Then grab your camera and starting taking some awesome photos of your own!

1. Suren Manvelyan

2. Tom Hussey

3. Irina Vinnick

4. Iain Crawford

5. Alexander Semenov

6. Luis Beltran

7. Jurgen Heckel

8. Christopher Jonassen

9. Jakob Wagner

10. Lyubomir Sergeev

11. Erika Iris Simmons

12. Akos Major

13. Mikko Lagerstedt

14. Ivaylo Petrov

15. Navid Baraty

16. Nicolas Evariste

17. Me andEdward

18. David Terrazas

19. Gearbox Studios

If you want to get your photos to stun people like these photos do, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. You can start by looking at our helpful tips on some of the top photography mistakes to avoid.

What’s the most inspirational or beautiful picture you’ve ever come across? Share it with us below!