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9 Gift Ideas for Your Outer Circle

Looking to do something nice for the people in your life? Well, in honor of National Do Something Nice Day, you have the opportunity to gift your outer circle something that will make them smile. Each year on October 5, people around the nation brainstorm creative ways (and gift ideas) to show appreciation to their partners, neighbors, friends, and those who’ve helped them over the years.

So whether it’s your child’s teacher who inspires them to chase their dreams, your hairdresser who makes you look and feel good, or your boss who helped you get that promotion, this day is the perfect chance to show those around you how much you care. 

In honor of the day, we’re sharing photo gift ideas using our frameless glass prints, and ideal picks your outer circle will love.

For Your Child’s Teacher

Classroom Photos
Your child’s teacher might be considered one of their modern-day superheroes. They help mold your children into future leaders and dream chasers. While it can be hard to find gift ideas for them, one creative idea is a collection of classroom photos.

Whether you take the images on your own or you have fellow parents send you images they have of the entire class, gifting your child’s teacher a glass image for them to keep is a memorable present — and an artistic alternative to leaving a shiny red apple on their desk.

For Your Brother- or Sister-in-Law

A Commemorative Photo
Having a sister or brother-in-law can be like having another best friend. Although they aren’t your biological siblings, the bond you both share can be on the same level as if you were.

Gift your new or seasoned siblings a glass print of your favorite image together or a collection of photos you’ve taken over the years. From family vacations to a sisters- or brothers-only adventure, your siblings will love showcasing your fun moments together in their home.

For Your Father- or Mother-in-Law

A Photo of Your Child’s Art
Finding the right gift for your mother- and father-in-law can be stressful. In your mind, they’ve seen it all. Well, one gift idea they’ll appreciate is a photo of your child’s art. So have your child draw a picture of their grandparents or a photo that makes them happy to gift them.

Your in-laws will feel the love that went into creating the piece. When you walk into their home, you might even see your child’s art hanging on their wall, or positioned in a spot for all their guests to see.

A Portrait Painting
Have your partner send you a picture of your in-laws and have a painting created for them. The picture can be a selfie or just a pleasant photo they’ve taken together over the course of their relationship.

It will make a great decorative addition to any part of their home, and it will show them just how thoughtful you are when it comes to gift-giving. Plus, who wouldn’t want a portrait of themselves to admire every day, especially when their loved one is included?

For Your Hairdresser

Your Hairstyles Over the Years
Your hairdresser is your go-to for your daily look and memorable hairstyles during those special occasions. Thank your hairdresser with a collaged portrait together and images of your favorite hairdos they’ve created.

Including a personalized note with it will make your collage even more special. You never know, you might just see your gift hanging on the wall in their salon — inspiring other customers with your gift idea to show their thanks to your hairdresser, too.

For Your Neighbors

A Fracture Gift Card
Not sure what to give your neighbors on this special day? Give them a Fracture Gift Card. Instead of stressing about gift ideas, a gift card can help them celebrate their precious memories and future ones. You can send a physical or digital card, allowing your neighbors to turn their precious memories into beautiful works of art they can display in their home or gift to another person to pay the kindness forward.

A Fracture Gift Card for Photo Walls
Nothing makes a home more warm and inviting than a wall full of family images for guests to admire. So on this day, gift your neighbors a gift card for our newly-released Photo Walls, where they can feature their precious memories from family and friends in a special part of their home. This is especially ideal if you don’t know your neighbors well enough for a personalized gift.

For Your Boss

A Team Photo
Coming up with gift ideas for your boss that are both thoughtful and creative can be tricky. That’s why a group photo with them featuring the rest of your team or coworkers makes the perfect gift.

They can mount their print on the wall for everyone to see as they walk in. Depending on the size you choose, they can even place it on their desk as a decorative addition.

For Your Groomer

A Doggie Pic
Let’s be honest, your favorite groomer might not get enough love for the work they do on your dog. So if you want to give your groomer a thoughtful thank you gift, try gifting them a glass print (with a Print Stand!) of your loving pup. (Here are a few pet photography tips to get you started!)

Also, if you’ve taken a picture of your furry friend after every visit, you can gift multiple photos — purchasing a Storyboard for them to slide the images through and mount on their wall. This idea will show your groomer just how grateful you are for the care and effort they put into making your dog’s coat shine. 

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