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Here at Fracture, we always look at each print to ensure the quality we promise.  When we do, we can’t help but notice all of the cool images that come our way. One client that we’ve noticed creatively uses Fractures to display her child’s artwork.

The glass print preserves the detail that the original piece surely had.  The “Awesome!” sticker has a bit of shadow, and the fibers of the construction paper are apparent. That’s some impressive printing quality if you ask me!

Want your child’s artwork Fractured? Here’s how:

  1. Take a high resolution photo or digital scan of any artwork.
  2. Upload that digital image file to our website.
  3. Place your order.

(The only extra step here is to digitize an original piece of art. Easy!)

Here are some other Fractures from the same order (thanks to Simone D. for letting us use her Fractures for this post!):

If you have some cool applications for Fractures, please feel free to share them with us!  We love seeing how people are using their prints, and what they are printing.

What is your favorite thing to Fracture?


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Drew Allen

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