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Amanda DioGuardi

Amanda DioGuardi

Digital Marketing Intern at Fracture. When not at Fracture, can be found eating sushi, reading, blogging or online shopping.

10 Helpful Hacks for a Pinterest Perfect Wedding

As many Pinterest fanatics know, the wedding board is the bread and butter of Pinterest. The dresses, do-it-yourself decor, and tasty treats are the staple of our pinning diet. Although we spending hours on hours planning our perfect big day, when the time comes around, a lot of those ideas remain dreams. Here at Fracture, we believe no pin gets left behind. We are here to break it down for you on how to have the ultimate Pinterest wedding. Check out some …

How to Make Your Own Mural-Sized Artwork

Have you ever wanted to add murals to your walls? For most, your initial thought might have been one of the following: a) I have to hire an artist, or b) I have to buy ill-fitting, wallpaper-style murals and hang them. Either option requires dishing out some serious dough or settling for something that’s not what you had in mind.   Enter your own ingenuity. You can make your own mural-sized artwork for very cheap, creating exactly what you want, in the color you want …

Post-Processing Your Photos: How to Get Started

Jarrod Erbe is a scientist, educator, and photographer whose images are published in a variety of media world-wide. He shares what he learns about photography and post-processing on his blog and YouTube channel. What is Post-Processing? Post-processing is the act of altering a digital image using image editing software. You may have heard it referred to as retouching, photo editing, or even “Photoshopping”. Of course, you may have also seen examples of extreme post-processing that have caused you to question …