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Director of Content Marketing. Managing Editor. Drummer. Husband. Father. Lover of good stories and great design.

56 Quick Reminders of Just How Stinkin’ Awesome America is

Freedom. Independence. America. #Murica. She’s a behemoth of sheer craziness in all forms. But she’s OUR behemoth. And she stands for freedom. She turns 241 years young this July 4th. Nothing says America like a big ol’ blog post with lots of pictures, and not much else. Happy Birthday, America! Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. Baby, you’re a FIREWORK!   Picture Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, …
This is awesome decor stuff like what you get from Wayfair.

Here’s Your Chance to Win a $200 Wayfair Gift Card!

While we all know the COOLEST way to decorate your walls (*cough*US*cough), what about the rest of your place? Flooring, furniture, and accessories are more ways you can decorate your home with your own style! With that in mind, we decided we’re going to give away a $200 Wayfair gift card. We tried building glass furniture to sell, but that didn’t quite work out. And Wayfair has a TON of great stuff. Like, a lot. So this is way better …

How to Decorate Your First Adult Apartment

You did it. You are moving into your first “real” apartment. You are adulting. You scoured Craigslist everyday, you posted annoying Facebook statuses soliciting new roommates and you finally threw away the rusted stop sign your best friend convinced you to steal that one night your sophomore year. (Note to self: Never drink Four Loko again.) Since a coveted collection of empty tequila bottles is no longer an acceptable way to decorate your place, what happens now? A quick walk …

How To Create An Awesome Gallery Wall For Under $65

I am not an interior designer. I don’t play one on TV. I don’t even keep up with my Pinterest. But I recently did something awesome to my house, and if *I* can make a sweet gallery wall in my living room for under 65 bucks, then I know for sure that you can too. We have this one wall in our living room that has a sweet mini bar thing on it, and a quilt rack as well (my wife loves …

Thank You for Six Amazing Years!

We created a short video to thank you for six amazing years at Fracture! We hope you enjoy it! Seriously though, we can’t thank you enough. It doesn’t hurt that our birthday is close to Thanksgiving. It just means that every time we celebrate another year in the books, we can’t help but feel thankful to all the support we have gotten from our awesome fans!

Brotherhood, Loss, and Remembrance: Mike’s Story

At the heart of Fracture are stories. The stories that make up every moment and memory that we see getting printed onto glass every day in the Fractory. Sometimes a story touches our hearts in way that makes us want to share it with all our fans. We hope it warms your heart and gives you a glimpse of why we love what we do so much. This is my interview with Mike. Mike runs a YouTube channel for men …