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Forget Monday! At Fracture EVERY Day is Green.

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Yesterday was “Green Monday”, the newest sibling in the retail holiday shopping days. While we applaud the candor of the day being named after money, it honestly made us think about how focused we are on another kind of Green. Nope. Not that either. #smh Fracture is passionate about maximizing the eco-friendliness of our company and our products. Click To Tweet We thought that on the heels of Green Monday would be a great time to share why we do our best …

What are you #thankful for

The whole Fracture Team would like to wish you the very best and happiest Thanksgiving! We asked ourselves what we’re thankful for, and many of our team members offered their own answers to the question. We hope you enjoy, and again, Happy Thanksgiving! What are YOU thankful for? Let us know on Twitter!

Why You Should Do All of Your Christmas Shopping Online This Year

Holiday shopping has started and people all over the country are drooling over all the Black Friday Doorbuster Sales. At the same time families are checking their flight itineraries (or filling up the gas tanks) to travel home to be with family for Thanksgiving in a couple of days. And others are deep-cleaning the house and buying trunkloads of food to cook as they host visiting family for Thanksgiving dinner. The Christmas Holiday shopping frenzy has in many ways overtaken …

How to Take Better Holiday Photos

The holiday season is a perfect time to gather your loved ones and take some family photos. Whether it be to send out Christmas cards to distant family and friends, or just for keepsakes to put in a photo album (or Fracture for your walls!), we’ve compiled a list of  five tips for any beginner or amateur photographer to take great holiday photos. 1. Create your background. Even though indoor photography is tricky because of lighting limitations, the go-to holiday …

But First, Fracture Takes a #Selfie

The #selfie is a tricky thing. Post too many and people see you as narcissistic and self-absorbed. Gonna get some unfollows there. No bueno. But post too few, and well, people don’t know what you look like. They know what your every meal looks like. They know what your dog looks like. But you? They have no clue. At Fracture we figured it was time to refresh our #selfie game too, in a manner of speaking. Our photog intern Kristi …

Fracture Stories: CocoaLove

There are a couple things you should know about us. 1. We LOVE making people happy. 2. We generally love Apple’s design thinking. So, when we had the chance to be a part of CocoaLove, it was a no brainer. Kinda can’t believe how happiness-packed @CocoaLoveConf was. Having a hard time encapsulating it in a tweet. — William Van Hecke 🇺🇸 (@fet) October 28, 2014 One of the CocoaLove founders/planners is a fantastic artist so each person who registered for the …