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Elise Engle

Elise Engle

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture. Queen of the memes. Passion for networking with fellow Gators.

Once Upon A Wall: Moments From Italy

It’s not everyday you get the chance to travel to Europe, so wouldn’t you want to make those memories last? Blogger Linda Holt visited Italy last Spring, and thanks to Fracture, she can relive her favorite views every time she sees her wall. We had a chat with her to hear all about her trip, photos and Fracture experience. What do you do for a living? I am an interior designer, design blogger, and photographer. How did you end up …

How to Create Your Very Own Zen Fracture Display

I’ll admit it – I’ve been needing to up my design game in my home office for awhile now.  The space in the entryway to my office was in dire need of an upgrade. After browsing through some design magazines, I finally found the perfect way to amp up my space. I wanted to create a meditative/reflective space that could also inspire creativity.  By using some calming nature pictures I was able to achieve the look I was hoping for and you can too! Get ready …