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Herb Jones

Herb Jones

CMO of Fracture and father to four beautiful girls.

An Open Letter To New Dads

 A wonderful letter to Dads, by our CMO Herb Jones. Dear Dads, We all have roles. I know I have many of them — CMO, dad, husband, friend, etc. When I first met with the co-founders at Fracture and we talked about me joining the team, I made one thing abundantly clear: I’m first and foremost a father to four amazing little girls. I explained that everyday from 5:30-8:30pm was “daddy time” and if they could work around that, then …

How To Make An Amazing Photo Collage In Less Than 20 Minutes

Today our CMO Herb Jones teaches us a fun way to collage some photos together. And that he does!  At Fracture, we see a lot of photo collages.  We don’t mind, because they can be really cool. Whether you’ve just had some beach family fun, or you took amazing pics on your trip to San Francisco, photo collages can tell a beautiful story on your walls.   Creating your collage has never been easier, and there are tons of free online or …

Make This Valentine’s Day An Adventure

The view was breathtaking. As the small plane banked sharply, the twinkle of distant lights in the dark night slowly gave way to a majestic site: the U.S. capitol building in all it’s night time glory. Our pilot sat quietly, there was no need for commentary as we swept the Washington monument and the White House. My girlfriend leaned in closer as we passed the Jefferson memorial and over the river. As we banked again turning back east, she leaned …