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Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture. Can be found with a good book in hand.

Don’t Be Afraid To Create Your Own Artwork

Everybody has the ability to make their own artwork. All it takes is a camera. In fact, you probably have one with you right now. Right in your pocket. Smartphone cameras are so high quality these days that almost any snap can be made into a permanent piece of art. Making your own artwork with your camera is not as difficult as it may sound, and there is nothing like seeing your masterpiece up on the wall for everyone to …

Photo App Review: VSCO Cam

Are you a social butterfly? Want to be able to have a community to share your images? Check out VSCO! What is VSCO, exactly? VSCO is a social space for creative individuals. Making a VSCO account is easy and allows you to share images, explore the community and shop the VSCO store. Should I use this app? VSCO Cam has so many features that appeal to creative minds. It’s the perfect app if you’re looking to share your work on …

3 Innovative & Helpful Apps For Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are some of the most cherished photos you will own in your lifetime. At least until you have a kid. You owe it to yourself to have an amazing plan not just for your professional photos, but for all of the great candid moments captured by your friends and family at your wedding. We found these three options that might be perfect for your big day! All of them are for both Android AND iOS. Here we go. …