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Halloween is probably one of the best times of the year. From pumpkin carving to trick-or-treating and dressing up, why wouldn’t anyone like this holiday? Below are some sweet (pun intended) tips on how to make your Halloween even more memorable!

1. Make your own costumes.

Homemade costumes are usually better and offer an array of possibilities. They can also be cheaper than store-bought outfits and some can even be made with things you already own!

Photo from chickydanger
Photo from chickydanger

2. Go everywhere in your costume.

From the very second you get out of bed, we think you should be wearing your costume. Instead of saving it for the night only, share its awesomeness during the day with colleagues and peers. If you feel too old for trick-or-treating, don’t be afraid to run errands in your costume or even eat a fancy dinner in it.

3. Make Halloween-inspired foods.

This isn’t limited to sweets and can be a fun way to incorporate the spirit of Halloween in your food, especially if your guests have dietary restrictions. Examples of Halloween-inspired dishes include carving the bell peppers used in a stuffed pepper recipe into jack-o-lanterns or cutting bananas in half and adding chocolate chips to make mini ghosts.


4. Take pictures of every Halloween activity you do.

From pumpkin carving to everyone’s costumes, make sure to capture it all. The photo opportunities on Halloween are endless!

Photo from Kevin Dooley
Photo from Kevin Dooley

5. Lastly, print your pictures!

Don’t let the memories from this Halloween stay trapped in your camera roll or photo library. Print the best ones to display in your home or share with family and friends!

How are you planning to make your Halloween memorable? Let us know below!

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