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In many families, Dad is the one behind the camera, taking the family photos. If I wasn’t such a big fan of selfies myself, my face wouldn’t show much in my own family’s photos.

So for some of us, photos with our Dads can be few and far between. We asked our team to share photos of or with their Dads and perhaps what that photo means to them.

Erin and her Dad

“Growing up, I didn’t get many vacations with my Dad. He’s a pilot and always on the go. People always say we look alike. We’ve grown to become great friends and confidants. This photo is us back in 2010 on a Christmas trip visiting family in Tennessee. As you can see, us native Floridians were enjoying the light snowfall. Good memories with Dad.” – Erin

Woodrow and his Dad

“The best father (and better grandfather) a kid can ask for.” – Woodrow

EllieClaire and her Dad in 1997
EllieClaire and her Dad at her wedding in 2019

“My Dad has always been a present father, and I don’t take that for granted! He works a very demanding job as a leader of a company, but still makes sure to put his work away when he’s home, and was (still is) ever-present for my brothers and I throughout our childhood and now into our adult lives. I’m very close with my dad, and appreciate the way he’s been a father and companion to my siblings and I, and a husband to our mom!

Recently my Dad re-shared this baby photo with me and gave this context:

“You were sick one night and Momma gave you some medicine and your heart was beating fast and you couldn’t fall asleep. You are about the same age as the picture (1997, so a few months old). I stayed up all night with you in the living room talking and singing to you.”

This simply goes to show how loving he is, and selfless—especially when it comes to his children.” – EllieClaire

Hannah and her Dad

“My Dad has always planned the best trips for the family, and that’s definitely where I got my itch for travel from. We’re usually looking to escape the Florida heat in the summer, so one of our favorite summer destinations is San Francisco. Took this photo right before we biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, which we’ve done twice! It went much more smoothly than my attempts at skiing.” – Hannah

Dan and his dad on his wedding day

“This is from my wedding day when we were both posing for pictures before the ceremony. One of my brothers handed me this absurdly sized beer and this is what came of it. It shows how fun-loving my Dad’s always been – always good to joke around and have some fun. He definitely instilled the same thing in me –  inspiring me to never take things too seriously – and I love him for that!” – Dan

Stacy and his Dad in Japan in 1970
Stacy and his Dad in Detroit in 2013

– Stacy

Amanda’s Dad at her wedding

“I am the oldest of two girls and was the first to get married. My Dad usually considers wearing long pants as “getting dressed up” so it was nice to see him looking so dapper!” – Amanda

Brad and his Dad

This is a picture of my Dad and I 12 years ago, I got that tattoo and took this picture just one week before my Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. This picture means the world to me because my Dad at least got to see the tattoo of him and how much he meant to me on my arm before he passed away.” – Brad

Drew and his Dad in 1982

“My dad passed away years ago and never got to meet my daughter. This photo really helps me relate to him as I have navigated the adventures of being a new dad. I’m sure I’ve had the same look on my face too many times to count.” – Drew

Emily and her dad

“I love going to see concerts and musicals with my Dad—or just talking with him about a performance we saw online. One of the first musicals I saw was Mamma Mia!, and even though it was overpriced—and he probably preferred to listen to ABBA—he bought me a CD from the show. It’s one of my favorite gifts and means a lot to me. I’m very lucky to have someone so supportive and “some kind of wonderful” in my life!” – Emily

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