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For Father's Day, we had an idea to explore the beauty of the adventures and moments that Dads get to experience.

Charlie Hope here was the first company baby born on our Fracture team. She’s 1 and a half years old, and I think I’ve aged 3 years since then! But what an honor to be a dad to a wonderful kid-in-the-making.

If you’re not familiar, our #FractureExplores series of posts is all about exploring the beauty of a particular city or region and what it has to offer you.

So for Father’s Day, we had an idea to instead explore the beauty of the adventures and moments that Dads get to experience. Our friends at Life of Dad helped us gather some awesome photos that represent #DadLife at its finest.

And speaking of enjoying adventures with family, we decided to give one away! 

Congrats to Andre, our big winner!

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Fracture Explores: Dad Life

“While we have captured the moments behind us, we are focused on the moments ahead of us that we will share together.” – Brandon Billinger
“The beach is a place of peace and relaxation. It’s often pretty hard to find those two together when you have a large family like ours and kids with lots of activities. Finding these moments where we can get away and remember how special it is just to be together…are priceless.” – Cory Warren
“Caught between two minds of simply ‘being there’ myself and capturing their moment of Yellowstone zen, I ran to quickly make this photo and then stood still, wildflowers tickling my ankles, alone but together with my family 20 yards up ahead. The joy of this perfect moment blew through my salt & pepper hair, a sign of years it’s taken to finally find myself in this moment, with these fantastic people with whom I am privileged to share a life.” – Jeff Bogle
“I have four beautiful, adventurous daughters and they absolutely love hiking. We discovered Monte Sano park while visiting family in Huntsville, Al… adventures were had!” – Herb Jones
“Fatherhood is an incredible journey. There isn’t a day that goes by that my kids haven’t taught me something new. We have our ups and downs – it’s all about finding the beauty in the chaos.” – Adrian Kulp
“This photo was taken on a Father’s Day walk we did a couple of years ago. This moment in time is important to me because it represents our relationship as father and son. I’m carrying him and showing him the world now… but one day he’ll go out and see it on his own terms and under his own strength.” – Joel Gratcyk
“This picture was taken in the mountains of Tennessee where I was born. Although I moved away when I was seven, my parents ingrained in me the importance of knowing and remembering your roots, and I’m trying to do that for my kids. My kids may never live here, but this farmland will always be a part of their roots. It’s the family farm and someday it will be passed down to them and eventually their kids and so on.” – Chris Cate
“I began my journey as a father on a crisp January morning this year. It has been a thrilling experience getting to know this sweet and fascinating little girl, and every day is a new adventure.” – Chuck Ellis
“Our family values include travel, adventuring to see the world, experience new sights, food, and culture. Yet, when I think of Father’s Day, it is only because of my favorite friend and adventurer. May we always explore, invent our own rules, and be curious together.” – Angus Nelson
“There is a little park area and a fountain next to a church just outside of Gainesville, and it’s a special spot for my wife and me. We got engaged there, we took engagement photos there, we got married there, and we always recreate our wedding photo there every year. So for Easter this year we got to take Charlie Hope there for her first Easter egg hunt, right next to that very same fountain, which gave the park even more sentimental value for our little family.”  – Drew Allen

Check out more great moments shared so far:

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