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In times like these, it can sometimes be tough to find the silver lining. If your entire family will be stuck at home for a while, we wanted to offer something that may help you do just that.

Many families are doing things together that they haven’t done in years — from building scrapbooks to working on puzzles. We believe in the importance of capturing the memories you’re making right now. In the future, you (and your loved ones) may want to have pictures to look back on of the time you had to be confined in close quarters with your family.

Starting today, we’re doing a Family Moments Photo Challenge. For the next seven days, you’ll be prompted to take a photo of your family doing something together. These prompts apply to every kind of family: from a blended family of nine to newlyweds to you and your furbaby.

Family Moments Photo Challenge

The official challenge starts Monday, April 6th and runs through Sunday, April 12th, but you can complete this challenge on your own social media anytime.

Head on over to our Facebook page and comment with your photos each day. The prompt will be posted at 12 pm EST each day.

You can start planning now — download prompts for the entire week here. We love seeing pictures of you and your loved ones as they come through our facility. We’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces on Facebook this week!

Day 1. Take a photo of your family eating together. 

Post pics of your casual lunches, formal evenings, and indoor picnics.

Day 2. Take a photo of your family cooking a meal together.

Show off your little chefs and aspiring bakers.

Day 3. Take a photo of your family playing a game together.

Board games, card games, or video games — we can’t wait to see the variety here.

Day 4. Take a photo of your family cleaning together.

Yes, handwashing counts.

Day 5. Take a photo of your family exploring together.

Here’s your chance to get creative: what and where will you be exploring?

Day 6. Take a photo of your family reading together.

Are you connecting through comic books, kindles, or an old-fashioned hardback book?

Day 7. Take a photo of your family having a dance party.

Sometimes you just gotta slide to the left. And cha cha real smooth.

If you want to start planning your family photos now, here’s the downloadable PDF. You can never have too many family photos. Here’s how to take great ones. We can’t wait to see all the family moments happening.

For more ways to connect with loved ones and stay focused on what matters during these challenging times, head on over to our Stay Focused page.


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Drew Allen

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