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Fracture Customer Love Stories That Will Make You Smile

Ahhh, love. Whether you’re blissfully in it, searching for it, or savoring the single life, we can all agree that nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like a good romance. At Fracture, we believe that some of the most captivating love stories aren’t the classics on your summer reading list or the rom-coms in your Netflix queue. Instead, they are the ones that YOU have to share. We asked some of our customers to tell the swoon-worthy tales behind their photos, and we’re smitten.  


Rain or Shine 

The night before this couple’s wedding, photographer Holly K. asked the pair what they wanted most out of their photos. The pair answered simultaneously, “We want it to rain!”, a wish seldom heard by wedding photographers. As fate would have it, rain was on the radar for their wedding day, and Holly was prepared to capture this ethereal shot.

“I had just enough time to tape some bags around my equipment and tell them where to stand when we felt the first drop. I gave them some gentle guidance and they sky opened and started pouring. The rain only lasted long enough for me to get 4 shots – this was the first one I took. They said it was the only picture they needed from the entire day.” -Holly K.


Forever Yours

Drew B. captures the affection of a loving couple in this heartwarming black and white portrait. The photo depicts the friendship, solidarity, and peace provided by the promise of forever.


Family Reunion

True love knows no distance, and there is no truer love than that between parents and their child. Even across the vastest of oceans, the love shared by this young family bound them until their reunion on the shores of America.

“This photo was taken in New Zealand 1944. It was used as a passport photo prior to my mother & I sailing across the Pacific to the United States during World War II. My father met up with us upon arrival in Long Beach, CA.” -Scott M.


Puppy Love

If you are a pet owner, you know that your furry friend is much more than just that. They are part of your family. Bryan P. and his fiancé’s one-year-old German Shepherd left such a lasting paw print on their hearts that the couple decided to include him in their engagement photos.


Home is Wherever I’m With You 

We can almost feel the joy that Manmish B. and his beautiful bride shared as they embraced each other on the day of their wedding in New Westminster, British Columbia. The love and light that characterized their beautiful day was captured in saturated perfection by Glimmer Films.


Taking the Plunge

Andrea S.’s stunning fully-submerged photo takes the saying “deeply in love” literally. Her unique shot is a metaphor for the all-encompassing leap into love that marriage represents. Andrea’s unconventional take on this couple’s wedding photography might even inspire ideas for your special day.


Timeless Romance 

This gorgeous vintage photo-turned-Fracture preserves a couple’s precious moments following their wedding in Wilmington, Delaware in the summer of 1961.

“They had met on a blind date and were married three months later. This photo was as they were leaving the church to go to the reception. This past year they celebrated 55 years of marriage.” – Christine O.

A big thank you to our wonderful customers for sharing their stories with us! Share your love story in the comments below.


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Anne Redmond

Anne Redmond

Digital Marketing Intern for Fracture