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Possibly the only thing we enjoy more than hitting milestones as a company, is getting to share them with all of you, and today we’re lucky to enjoy both of those things!

In 2015, Fracture became a Carbon Neutral company!

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Chuck Ellis, Director of Social Media (left), and Abhi Lokesh, Co-founder and CEO (right), are planting trees in Gainesville.

As a company, we believe in treading lightly on our planet. That belief has guided many of our decisions along our journey, and we’re really happy that it has led us here. Our CTO, Alex Theodore, wanted to share with Fracture’s fans the progress we are making to be an environmentally conscious company.

Our core vision is to modernize wall decor, and how we go about that is as important as the end goal. However, manufacturing these days has a stigma of being dirty, old-fashioned and often something that happens far away. But we see it differently; for us it’s an act of creating something new and something of value and we’d like it to be as exciting, innovative and responsible as possible. In the case of environmental impact, that means we take our impact personally and seriously.

From our beginnings we’ve been environmentally conscious, but not at all in a trend-following or crowd-pleasing way. For us, it’s simply the dutiful responsibility of a manufacturer because it all begins and ends with whether we recognize that responsibility or not. And we do. We take ownership of both how we manufacture our product and how that product ultimately impacts the environment. Our ultimate goal is to create a product using as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible, to do it in the most efficient way possible and to reduce the negative impact that we have on our ecosystem. That’s an exciting ambition for us.

Alex Theodore, Co-founder and CTO, is recycling glass.

Most recently we’re thrilled to have begun working with We Are Neutral to offset our carbon emissions. It’s one major milestone in the bigger picture of taking the responsibility to do the right thing. Thanks to their work in reforesting local areas of Alachua County we are able to partner with them in an exchange of great value. Together we’ve made a sustainable bridge between the products we sell and environmental responsibility. It is not the whole picture of environmental responsibility, and we still know how far we have to go to reach that goal. But it is one major piece. It’s a milestone for us and by extension it’s a milestone for all of our customers.


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Daniella de la Campa

Daniella de la Campa

Email Marketing Manager for Fracture