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There are a couple things you should know about us.

1. We LOVE making people happy.
2. We generally love Apple’s design thinking.

So, when we had the chance to be a part of CocoaLove, it was a no brainer.

One of the CocoaLove founders/planners is a fantastic artist so each person who registered for the conference not only got a hand-drawn sketch of their own avatar to use as a name badge for the conference, but we helped give each one a 5″ square Fracture of the sketch to take home! We know, how freakin’ cool is that?! #SWAG

We let the CocoaLove guys tell us a little more about it in their own words.


What and Why is CocoaLove?

CocoaLove is a more personal iOS and Mac conference. We wanted to make a conference that really focused on “the hallway conversations” – the kinds of things you’d talk about in-between sessions at other conferences, and in doing so really enable the attendees to leave with new friends.


How did you hear of Fracture, and where did you get this idea?

I had heard of Fracture plenty of times on podcasts, but really the idea came from a friend. I let him in on our surprise plans of making a custom sketch of each attendee for their badges, and he thought it’d be really cool to give them a version of the sketch that they’d love to hang up at home or keep at work.


Who did the illustrations?

One of the co-organizers, Kotaro Fujita, did all the sketches.

We’re not only really excited to have been a part of this event, but even more so that this kind of great event even happened. Lots of love in the iOS dev community which we think is awesome!


What is the coolest conference swag you’ve ever gotten? Let us know below.


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Besides being the managing editor of this blog, I'm also a drummer, a husband, and a father, not necessarily in that order. I love good stories, and great design, and I probably quote the Office more than I should but less than I could.


  1. J Call
    November 22, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    I am very interested but, I don’t see anything on this blog that explains how to hang the glass photo on a wall. Thank you for your kind consideration for my question. JC