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We freakin’ love helping people celebrate their achievements, and winning LAN (local area network) tournaments is no different.


Recently, the winners of Gator Gaming’s Fall 2014 GatorLAN event received plaques to commemorate placing in first, second and third for six of their competitions.

We spoke with Alani Ilori, Head of Advertising for Gator Gaming and a University of Florida advertising and entrepreneurship senior, about the event, Gator Gaming as a whole and her thoughts on Fracture!


What is Gator Gaming?

Gator Gaming is the University of Florida’s largest and official gaming organization. We house the largest “student-run” gaming events in Florida. Our main event, titled, “GatorLAN” is an upscale gaming event held three times per year and consists primarily of tournaments, free-play, prizes, raffles, art, free gaming paraphernalia and countless networking opportunities.


Could you tell us some more on the club’s most recent event and anything that was different this time around?

Our most recent GatorLAN event sustained nearly 1,500 attendants, and we’re expecting even more in our upcoming events. This event was the biggest we’ve had in years and we only hope to grow bigger as our popularity increases. The event is completely free to the public.

This Fall’s GatorLAN event was the first time we added high-quality Fracture plaques as prizing for tournaments since 2011.

Why did Gator Gaming choose to use Fractures as plaques for their event?

The plaques were an excellent tool for measuring success at GatorLAN. The psychological benefits of having plaques were encouraging for both the players and our staff. Smiles were much bigger for winners upon receiving their awards. Some immediately recognized the high-quality nature of the plaques provided by Fracture!

Even our most competitive and renowned players and attendees were happy with the product that you supplied. Even better, the winners were happy that they could hang their plaque up on their dorm walls or apartments with ease to show off their glory!

We’re super grateful to Alani for sharing with us and helping us see the beauty of Fractures used for something different, as award plaques! 

What other ways can you use Fractures? Tell us your ideas below!


The Author

Daniella de la Campa

Daniella de la Campa

Email Marketing Manager for Fracture