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We spoke with Perla Lozano, of JWC Environmental, LLC, who recently used Fractures to tell their story of how their hard work is paying off with great new equipment:

What is being made in these photos?

Juan Carrillo is welding the auger piece of one of our newest pieces of equipment called the AGV, Vertical Auger Monster.

The Vertical Auger Monster is a robust and affordable wastewater screen which combines three of JWC’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids so the treatment plant runs more efficiently. The cleaner, more compact discharge keeps odors to a minimum and lowers disposal costs, as less water and fecal material are sent to the landfill.


You mentioned JWC, what is that?

JWC Environmental is a pioneer in the wastewater treatment industry who has just celebrated their 42nd anniversary. JWC designs, builds and services the world’s most dependable waste shredders and screening systems to help our customers solve challenging waste reduction and recycling applications.

With a global presence and four decades of experience we work closely with customers to ensure successful projects. We assist customers in the energy, wastewater, recycling, marine and facility management sectors just to name a few.

Can you tell us a bit about how this image was captured?

We were currently doing some remodeling at headquarters and I was tasked with gathering tasteful images to be displayed of our units.

We pride ourselves in hand assembling our units in house and I decided to dedicate a wall to our hardworking employees who put their manpower into making our units the best out there.

The particular image that caught your eye, shows one of our longtime (20+ years) employees carefully welding a piece of auger together and prepping for the next stage in assembly.

Where are your Fractures being displayed?

Our Fractures are being displayed in the very heart of our headquarters. An area where everyone in the building must walk by at least once a day. It stands as a reminder of the quality work and product we all produce and contribute to the company.

Were you surprised when you received the Fractures?

YES!! I loved them!! And the rest of the company is thoroughly enjoying them!! Our CEO was very impressed. Thank you for making me look good.

It was our pleasure, Perla! Thanks for sharing this info! 

Business Owners, How are YOU celebrating the hard work of your employees?


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Daniella de la Campa

Daniella de la Campa

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