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At the heart of Fracture are stories. The stories that make up every moment and memory that we see getting printed onto glass every day in the Fractory.

Sometimes a story touches our hearts in way that makes us want to share it with all our fans. We hope it warms your heart and gives you a glimpse of why we love what we do so much.

This is my interview with Mike. Mike runs a YouTube channel for men and is also a big fan of Fracture with a touching story on the power a photo can have. I’ll let him carry the story from here. We hope you enjoy it. – Drew

Drew: Mike, tell us about yourself.

Mike: Well, I’m 25 and married. I live in Nebraska. I have a degree in behavioral science and I do family counseling. On the side, I dabble in photography and video and art and YouTube, stuff like that.

Drew: And what is Modern Man TV?

Mike: Well, it’s a YouTube channel my friend Ben and I run. It was kind of like a big idea that . . . I’m into hairstyle, men’s hair and products and stuff like that but I never really had the courage to do my own channel really, and my friend Ben, he’s really into fitness, he’s like jacked. He had a fitness channel that tanked because while he’s good at like doing videos and stuff, he’s just not really organized and there’s a lot of work involved with running a channel and you’ve got to know how to do all that stuff, like talk to companies and edit and make stuff. He wasn’t really good about that so his channel kind of tanked. So we we’re sitting around on New Year’s Eve, and I don’t know if it was the booze or what, but we started talking about doing our own channel, like combining our two ideas. We were thinking that guys would come to our channel if they want to learn about style and they want to learn about fitness.

Drew: Okay, tell me about your wedding. You mentioned that you’re married.

Mike: Yeah, yep. I got married on June 26 and it was a pretty big deal, a lot of people of there. My wife and I planned it for two years planning for our wedding.

Drew: That’s a long engagement!

Mike: Yeah, and my best man was my middle brother, Tony, and I would’ve had my youngest brother Tyler there also as a groomsman. But Tyler passed away in 2012. So we wanted to come up with some way to show that he was there, part of the whole occasion, and I had these two Fracture prints that I had ordered, they were actually gifts for my mom, that I made.

So we just put one of them up on a table with a bouquet right next to the door so everybody that would come in, this is the first thing they’d see, and people were like stopping at the door. Nobody wanted to come in because they would stop and they’d see it and they’d have to take a step back for a minute and everyone told me they can’t believe the amount of detail, like in his hair and his face.

Drew: That’s super cool, man. I don’t think I’ve experienced that particular thing for a wedding, including a missing groomsman like that.  That’s fantastic. So you bought the Fractures as a gift for your mom?

Mike: Yeah.

Drew: How did she receive them? Or what did she say?

Mike: Well, she’s used to getting pictures from me because I make pictures all the time. It’s just kind of my thing. It’s like art. I make tons so she’s used to getting pictures. So I told her I was going to get her a couple pictures of Tyler and she was like, “Okay, cool.” And then we get the box and we open them up and I pull them out, and I don’t think I was even ready for what I saw because I knew they were going to look cool but I didn’t expect that, the amount of detail and clarity. I pull them out and I almost dropped it my first glance of it because when I looked at it, it almost looks like I’m looking at him through a window because you got the glass but then you have so much detail that it was almost like I was seeing him again. For me, I’m like, “Holy crap,” and I handed to my mom and she just started bawling, she couldn’t handle it.

It was a real emotional experience for her. My brother took his life the day before my birthday in 2012, and my mom was actually the one who ended up finding him deceased. So I think it was really important for her to have such a positive image of him that she can look at like this because I think she had such a negative one in her mind from her trauma for such a long time.

So for her to be able to see something that looks so real was I think kind of an incredible experience for her. She couldn’t believe that something like that could be made and so it’s priceless to us pretty much.

Drew: Man. It sounds kinda weird and maybe a little hokey but that’s kind of why our core belief is in the power of the printed image, you know what I mean? It allows us to celebrate the favorite moments and memories, whether it’s just vacation or holidays or . . . obviously in this case, it was something really powerful, and that’s just so awesome. I’m so glad that that could happen.

Mike: Right. So am I. Unbelievable. That’s why I wanted to contact you guys again because I was hoping that more people can see that they can have the same effect too because I’m not the only kid who lost his brother.

Some people lose mothers, some people lose their fathers, their cousins, dogs, whatever, and that’s when I was sitting here, thinking to myself, if they can have that kind of moment where they can look at this and feel a little bit closer to their lost one or closer to their wedding if they want to remember an important event in their life and they want to look at the picture and they want to relive it, not just look at a picture on the wall like, “That’s a good picture.” But the way that Fractures come out, they make you feel like you’re reliving something, and that’s what I wanted to showcase to everyone.

Mike, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to let these memories be preserved and celebrated for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Besides being the managing editor of this blog, I'm also a drummer, a husband, and a father, not necessarily in that order. I love good stories, and great design, and I probably quote the Office more than I should but less than I could.