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A lot of businesses are using Fractures to decorate their walls and we would like to share photos of these businesses with you! From schools to bakeries to engineering firms, stay tuned for Fracture Stories, where we will highlight these businesses and show you how neat Fractures can make your space look!

The CSI Academy of Florida, located in Alachua, Florida (just north of the Fracture HQ in Gainesville), is teaching students how to be crime scene investigators.  So criminals, beware!

They Fractured dozens of images of notorious gangsters and criminals, including these three of Bonnie and Clyde.

Here you see the mugshots and fingerprints of “Pretty Boy” Floyd, Al Capone, and John Dillinger.

Fracture is perfect for corporate decor.

The CSI Academy of Florida offers a variety of courses ranging from crime scene photography to blood evidence analysis. To learn more about the academy, be sure to visit their website and follow them on Facebook.


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Daniella de la Campa

Daniella de la Campa

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