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Raising children is hard work, and it’s even harder when the kids aren’t yours.


Go Au Pair starts as a childcare provider for families across the country, but this cultural exchange program leaves both au pairs and families with a lifelong bond. 

Now here at Fracture, we’re more than familiar with making lasting memories. So we teamed up with Go Au Pair to provide au pairs and their host families with a Fracture plaque to commemorate their experience.

 “Thank you for the picture that we received last week from Go Au Pair for the host family nomination. I just wanted to say thank you, perhaps you can tell everyone that we appreciate it, and that it made us happy. It was a cute surprise I love it and it’s already hanging up in my room, and there’s is in the living room downstairs. Thank you!”
– Thatti, Au Pair


Each year, au pairs and host families are urged to write a nomination essay about each other for the Au Pair of the Year Award and the Host Family of the Year Award. The tear-jerking essays, along with a photo of the au pair and host family are featured on the Fracture print for both parties to remember each other by.

“[Go Au Pair] was so thoughtful to surprise Luzaan and I with a beautiful gift to memorialize a special time in our lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such thoughtfulness.”
-Stacey, Host Mom

“The Fractures are such a flexible and unique gift and the ability to include a photo and quote really capture and display the special bond formed between the family and their au pair,” said Aarin Tran, marketing analyst for Go Au Pair. “We think Fractures are fantastic and our host families and au pairs agree.”

So next time you want to show someone that you appreciate what they do, why not give them a Fracture? Fractures are a great way to preserve memories and show them that you care! We’re super grateful to be able to help people appreciate what others do for them.


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Drew Allen

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