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Gift cards can be amazing gifts, if you do them right!

This year, give them more than a gift. Give them the adventure of choosing their own.

You know that feeling. Christmas is looming ahead and you’re trying to get all your gifts purchased. There are a few people in your life that you just know exactly what to get them. “Perfect.” And it’s bought and wrapped and under the tree already. But, looking at your list, there are a few (maybe several) names there with big question marks next to them. You racked your brain for an idea, and the only thing you can think of to get them is your backup plan– a gift card.

Michael Scott's Christmas List
Michael Scott’s Christmas List

Let’s Think About This

Before we throw you into some hard data, let’s weigh the options. We get it, it’s fun to gamble. It’s exciting to think that someone will really like this or that t-shirt or poster, or dish, or gadget. And when it pays off, it feels really good. But how often does it pay off that well, compared to paying off terribly? Because that is also a bad feeling, when you hear the words, “You shouldn’t have!” and you can hear in their undertone that they really wish you hadn’t.

You may be thinking,

Yeah but it’s worth the risk to delight them with the perfect gift! And a gift card is just giving up anyway.

To that we say with all the ferocity of Dwight K Schrute, FALSE.

What about giving them a gift card that is targeted at something that they are already passionate about? That’s not only a delightful gift, but you have ZERO risk for disappointing. You know for a fact it’s something they want and love. And then they get the joy of picking exactly what they want to spend it on. Which is a fun adventure for them too.

Still not convinced that this whole “gift cards are awesome gift ideas” thing is the way to go? Consider the following:


5 Important Holiday Gift Card Stats

60% of people said they preferred receiving a gift card.

1 in 2 consumers said they would buy gift cards so the person can choose their own gift.

78% of shoppers like gift cards cuz it’s “easy to buy & check off my list.”

$60B worth of merchandise gets returned during the holiday season every year.

83% increase in spending on gift card purchases since 2003.

Choosing The Perfect Gift Card

Depending on your budget and the person you’re buying for, you should consider several things before committing to a gift card purchase. At first it can seem a little overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down for you in the infographic below to make the process smooth sailing. Let’s go over how to really make it a big win:


5 Ways to Win Big with Gift Cards This Holiday Season

  1. Don’t make it generic. No Visa. No American Express. Amazon can be ok, but make sure the person is an Amazon Prime member and orders a lot from Amazon first.
  2.  Choose based on their passion. Do they have an all-time favorite store? Do they have a hobby that has its own store (Joann Fabrics, Guitar Center, Golf Pro shop, etc.)?
  3. Consider convenience. If they don’t like to carry around actual cards, consider getting them a card where they can easily add the credit to their digital account.
  4. Read the fine print. By law, gift cards cannot expire before five years but bank-issued cards sometimes have activation and non-use fees, so be sure to read the fine print.
  5. Give a reasonable amount. If your budget for the person is $100 but you know they won’t spend all of that money on Chipotle, buy a couple different cards with a usable amount.

Bonus hint: sometimes retailers will do holiday promotions specifically on gift cards, such as 20-30% off you total gift card purchase. Basically, this means you have the potential to save a lot of money depending on what promotion the company is running.

Fracture’s Got Your Back

If you’re having a bit of trouble with #2 in our infographic above? Don’t worry, we have a huge win coming your way. Everyone loves celebrating great memories.

A Fracture gift card lets them pick their own photos to get fractured as beautiful glass photo prints. They’re modern, beautiful, and always well-loved. This is a win because they will have picked the exact photo they wanted, whether it was the whole family around the Christmas tree, a selfie with your loved one with a beach sunset in the background, or just their favorite pet.


Please allow 7 days for delivery of physical gift cards. Digital ones can be shared and used immediately over email. Click here to order themWe hope this helped you make some easy choices to help cross off the last folks on your holiday gift list!

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