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Yesterday was “Green Monday”, the newest sibling in the retail holiday shopping days. While we applaud the candor of the day being named after money, it honestly made us think about how focused we are on another kind of Green.

Nope. Not that either. #smh

We thought that on the heels of Green Monday would be a great time to share why we do our best to make every day green at Fracture.


We reduce energy usage as much as possible. Our office side is lit completely by natural light. The only time lights come on in the office when we work late at night (Mostly during the holiday rush)! This also includes keeping our A/C at a reasonable level – never too cold or too warm. We also have various means of reducing wasted energy in our production process where possible.


We’ve set a dead clear culture of reducing waste, being mindful of waste and ecological concerns, our role in our community and keeping a clean shop.

Our packaging was stubbornly designed with ecology in mind, to reduce overall materials used and to keep the materials 99% renewable/recycled/recyclable cardboard and avoid bubble wrap, foam, etc. and all the while making it lightweight so it takes less energy to transport.

We take extreme measures to make sure that any and all toxic and not-nice chemicals are disposed of in a proper manner. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve found that too often it isn’t.


The product itself is made of glass, ink and foamboard. Glass thrown into the landfill isn’t recycled but its very low impact; the ink is in a solid plastic form so it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals. The foam board is something we’re actually working on improving because its not the best it could be.


We recycle all our glass. We go very far out of our way to do this  – it’s purely on our own terms. It costs us time, money and energy. To date we have recycled 34,000 pounds of glass – that’s about the equivalent of over 75,000 beer bottles worth.


We recycle all of our paper and cardboard material.

We reclaim any and all prints that have been rejected in our stringent quality control inspection.

We also recycle a bunch of other stuff, like cans and bottles and also all of the scrap aluminum and steel that comes out of our R&D adventures.

Our Green Goals for the Future:

We’d like to get even more energy-managed by monitoring our usage and finding ways of cutting back as much as possible.

We have plans to upgrade our major equipment to much less energy intensive forms.

We’ll be making product improvements that reduce impact on landfills when thrown away.

We’d really REALLY like to become a B corp and meet all the regulations that come along with it.


And, because we pretty much have to:


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Drew Allen

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