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At the end of every month we like to look back and celebrate our favorite images and stories we’ve encountered. So grab some trick-or-treat candy and settle in. November is here and these are our favorites for October!

We fell in love with a snoozing lizard.

Life, in fact, can be a bed of roses.


Fracture shared 10 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50

We’re partial to #3.


We showed you 14 Romantic Comedies you need to add to your Netflix queue…

Grab some popcorn and a snuggle buddy!

Fracture was reviewed by Darren White Photography!

(Spoiler alert: He liked us.)

Darren White Photography

We celebrated Manufacturing Month At the Fractory.

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Bonus! Customers share their Fracture Costumes

Halloween is an essential part of growing up. Costumes, cobwebs, candy — nothing is better.

But if you’re still in need of some costume inspiration, here are some of our most-loved costume ideas, Fractured by our customers.

Grey Gardens


Favorite characters of Drew Barrymore and Bill Hader alike, the Beale sisters’ panache for headscarves and dramatic eyewear makes an eccentric pick for any age.

“The photo is our youngest daughter who’s birthday is at the end of October and is always excited about Halloween.” -Matt C., one of our customers.

The Little Mermaid


This Disney princess is a go-to for redheads of any age. Ocean and Prince Eric not required.

“Aubriana is three and is an exceptional swimmer for her age. The picture was taken with an underwater camera by family friend Paul. Like all three year olds she pictures herself as a princess and in this case, Ariel. ” -Jim R., one of our customers.

Revolutionary War


For anyone particularly excited about the 2016 presidential race, step under the powdered wigs of our nation’s Founding Fathers for a revolutionary throwback.

“The photo is of my fiancé Amanda and me. On Independence Day, we announced our engagement to our extended family and friends by sharing the photo on social media with the caption: ‘In which Amanda and I signed a Declaration of Interdependence, and, therefore publish and declare our engagement'” -Ian A., one of our customers.

Marie Antoinette


There’s nothing more sophisticated than France’s notorious, shop-a-holic monarch. “Let them eat mashed peas!” she says.

“We loved our Fracture.” -Sam B., one of our customers.

The best part is, in case you forget what you wore trick-or-treating last year, by printing your photos you can make your memories live forever. 

See you in November!

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Chuck Ellis

Chuck Ellis

Chuck is a marketing director at Fracture and an avid DIY-er. Along with his wife Carolyn, he rebuilt the car he's had since high school in their garage. His latest project is raising his new daughter Tracey and teaching her how to build things.