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Fracture is lucky to have Kelly Logan as a photography intern this semester. Whether she is photographing our products or showing us the photography work she does outside of Fracture, Kelly never fails to amaze us with her skills. She recently placed a Fracture order and we would love to share more about the story behind her photo.

kelly hold

Tell us about where and when this was taken.

I took this photo outside my sister’s house in Montana.  We were leaving very early to go on a camping trip.  I was walking around outside waiting for everyone to get in the car and I saw the sun rising so beautifully in her backyard and I couldn’t help myself!  I had to take a picture.

Do you prefer outdoor photography?

I prefer utilizing natural light in my photos so I definitely take most of my photos outdoors.  Good landscape shots can be breathtaking if you capture them correctly so it’s always fun to get an outdoor shot I can be proud of.

Where do you plan on displaying this Fracture?

I’ll probably hang it on the huge photo wall in my room or give it to my parents, they’re always asking for prints of my work.

original (1) copy

We’re sure you have thousands of photos to choose from to Fracture – how come you ended up selecting this particular photo?

I have great memories from that summer and although I got some great shots, this one always stood out to me.  I love the warmth and calmness of it, it just makes me smile whenever I look at it because I think about spending time with my family. 

Thanks, Kelly!

We really love Kelly’s last line there, because THAT is the heart of what we are trying to accomplish. We want everyone’s walls to have adventures, faces, stories, hanging there, ready to evoke a smile and a great memory.

We want to challenge you to post a photo that makes you smile! Post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ThisMakesMeSmile!


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