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Pinterest and DIY gifts are way too overrated. Your mom wants something meaningful so give her something special this year.

If you were to sum up the job requirements of being a mom, it would easily be the most difficult job on the planet.

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The job description would read something like this:

“Looking for someone to stand, bend, move, drive, clean or otherwise exert herself for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This person must have extensive knowledge of medicine, culinary arts, organization, therapy, conflict resolution, finance and completing science project poster boards. Must be willing to give constant attention to others, while receiving none back and stay calm and collected in the midst of utter chaos.

Additionally, this person must take no vacations and gladly do double the work on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most importantly, person must keep a happy disposition even if everyone is being incredibly rude/ungrateful. The estimated pay is absolutely nothing and will require daily out-of-pocket expenses for an average of 25 years.”

Sounds insane, right?

And even though these superwomen changed our diapers, cleaned our rooms and kept loving us when we went through our “emo” stage in middle school, our attempts at showing appreciation on Mother’s Day always end up pretty underwhelming.

We usually resort to flowers, a card or some terrible DIY craft that we found on Pinterest. (No, she does not want you to try to make a sugar foot scrub or stuff a candle into a mason jar.)

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This year, skip the Pinterest scrolling and keep things simple, elegant and timeless.

Find your best family photograph (or a cute baby photo of yourself!) and print it on glass.

Yes, this is a real thing.

At Fracture, we print beautiful photos directly on glass for a breathtaking keepsake that lasts forever. They look clean and stylish hung on the wall or simply propped on a mantle.

Chances are, she has a ton of old picture frames around the house, but nothing as modern and chic as a glass photograph.

Starting at only $15 and available online, you don’t have to break the bank or even move from your bed to prepare for Mother’s Day.

After all, she kept that dingy school photo of you with braces in her wallet for 10 years, the least you can do is give her a present with a better aesthetic.


Want to celebrate your mom even more?

We know how to help you do just that! At Fracture, we believe that moms are real-life superheroes. This year, we’re having a contest to celebrate just how amazing moms can be. Share a photo of your mom (or you with your mom) and tell us how she has saved the day or been a hero to you. One deserving mom will receive a prize package worth over $1,000.

Click here for more details!


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