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Dear Customer,

Hi – my name is Abhi, and I’m the CEO at Fracture. We wanted to let you know that we’ve raised the prices on the Fracture product line.

We’ve always aimed to make our products as affordable as possible in the hopes of allowing everyone to print their favorite moments. For the past four years, we’ve maintained our prices while continuing to grow and reach more customers worldwide than ever before.

To that end, we haven’t raised our prices since 2014—but inflation, demand, and our product standards have all gone up significantly since then.

We’ve decided to raise our prices by a small amount, only 8% to 13% depending on the size.

These increases will allow us to invest in some huge opportunities, including a larger facility to house our growing team and factory, as well as researching newer resources and technologies to create the best products possible.

We’ve got big plans in store for Fracture, and we’re excited to unveil more of those plans soon (stay tuned).

Our mission as a company is to help you focus on moments that matter, and we’re doing everything we can to craft an incredible customer experience for you.

You can see our new prices here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we truly appreciate your support as we grow.

Abhi Lokesh


The Author

Abhi Lokesh

Abhi Lokesh

Co-founder and CEO at @fractureme. Husband to Aimee. Proud papa of Ari, Rajah, and Bella. Master of naps + The Office. Fan of peanut butter + pizza.