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We get it. These last few weeks, good news has been hard to come by. There are a LOT of scary and stressful things happening right now. It’s easy to scroll through the news or your social media feeds and feel discouraged and overwhelmed. But, we’re here to say:


These are difficult times, and the future feels uncertain. Yet even in the midst of all of this upheaval, there are bright spots of hope and connection that shine through. 

Here at Fracture, we’ve started sharing some of these stories on Slack as a way to keep our spirits up. All over the world, people are coming together to help each other out, to find new ways to connect, and to find creative solutions in the new reality that we are facing. These are the moments we want to be focusing on.

We’d like to share some of our favorite stories with you. Cheers to all of these.

These ballet schools are live-streaming their classes.

Digital Happy Hours are becoming a real thing.

You can attend virtual concerts from the likes of John Legend, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, or relax with a bit of opera or classical music. NPR is maintaining a list of upcoming live performances to watch.

Paris Museums have put 100,000 images online for unrestricted public use.

The Shedd Aquarium has been taking their penguins on “field trips” around the exhibits.

Startup Isinnova has been 3D printing respirator valves for a local hospital in Italy. But they’re not stopping there: they’ve also hacked a way to use snorkeling masks as ventilators.

Exercise is taken to a new level: this personal trainer trains his neighbors from a nearby rooftop.

Italians sing together from their balconies while still practicing social distancing.

Distilleries are making — and giving away — hand sanitizer.

NASA made their entire media library copyright free and searchable online.

Countries around the world clap for health care workers each evening.

Children’s book authors are reading their books to kids online.

You can pretty much tour the world from your house, no passports needed.


“Your focus determines your reality.” – George Lucas

If you’re looking for ways to add some more positivity to the world, don’t just sit there with your sanitized hands — there are more opportunities than ever to help out (even when you’re stuck at home).

While getting through a crisis of this proportion requires more than just “mind over matter,” where you direct your focus can help to sustain hope and remind us that there is still so much good in the world. Stay focused on what matters most during these challenging times. We still have each other. We’ll get through this together.


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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Besides being the managing editor of this blog, I'm also a drummer, a husband, and a father, not necessarily in that order. I love good stories, and great design, and I probably quote the Office more than I should but less than I could.